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Alternatives To Royal Mail

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We haven’t had a postal strike for some time now, but you never know. If you’ve had it with Royal Mail and you’d like to try a delivery company that charges less and delivers more, read on!…

When should you consider switching?

Big retailers such as Tesco, Argos and Amazon have opted in the past to use alternative courier services to ensure that their customers’ packages arrive on time. Should you do the same?

When it comes to sending packages weighing 2kg or less, Royal Mail will usually be the cheapest option – especially for those who don’t live on mainland UK. (Their only real competitor for packages of less than 2kg is a company called My Hermes, who we cover below.)

But when it comes to delivering cards and letters, there aren’t any real rivals to the Royal Mail. There are a number of reasons for this (such as the fact that Royal Mail is exempt from paying VAT on its deliveries, and has certain exclusivity clauses in its contract). If you’re worried about your Christmas cards being delayed, have you considered sending an e-card?

It all comes down to weight…

But if a letter or parcel weighs above 350 grams, and costs more than £1 to post, you can use any delivery or courier firm that takes such business.

And when it comes to the delivery of larger packages, other companies are a lot more competitive.

For packages of 2kg or more, you’ll be paying a minimum of £8.22 with Royal Mail (and that doesn’t include tracking.) So what alternatives are out there?

For next day delivery… try Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey are running a great deal, offering next day delivery (guaranteed by six pm) for packages weighing up to 10kg – for just £6.90.

Sending a 10kg package first class by Royal Mail would cost you over £16. alternatives to royal mailAnd although next day delivery is aimed for, it’s not guaranteed. (To get guaranteed next day delivery, you’d need to pay £21.65)

So the Parcel Monkey deal is really good value. The only downside is that some areas of the UK that are ‘remote’ will face a surcharge, which can be fairly hefty depending on the location. You can find out if the area you’re sending to qualifies as a remote area when you enter the delivery postcode.

Parcel Monkey also offer free insurance for packages with a value of up to $100 (£60). Up to £600 insurance can be bought for £12. They also offer free collection and SMS tracking alerts.

For delivery within 48 hours… try Interparcel

Interparcel offer delivery within one to two working days throughout most of the UK mainland with their ‘Interparcel Economy’ option for just £6.50 (plus VAT).alternatives to royal mail

This price applies to packages weighing up to 15kg. Their price only goes up to £6.99 (plus VAT) for packages weighing up to 30kg.

However you will need a printer to use this service. It offers £50 of transit cover, that can be increased up to £1,000 if necessary. There is also the option to track the delivery of your packages.

For delivery within three to five days… try My Hermes

My Hermes is a delivery service that will pick up packages straight from your door and deliver them to any destination in the UK – without the hassle of having to queue at the Post Office.alternatives to royal mail

You choose the day you’d like your parcel to be picked up – there’s no need to wait in – just arrange to leave it in a safe place. And if you’re out when they deliver, they’ll pop back later.

With prices starting from £3.99 for a package weighing up to two kilograms, it could be both more convenient and cheaper than Royal Mail. (A two kilogram package with Royal Mail would cost you £6.55).  And if you were sending a parcel weighing up to ten kilograms, you’d save £5.62 on delivery charges!

Delivery does, however, take longer than Royal Mail – packages are delivered within three to five days, and there’s no next day delivery option.

Be aware that at present they do not deliver abroad or to the Channel Islands and that orders must be made online.

For delivery of heavier items… try

alternatives to royal is good for packages weighing between 10 – 30kg. They guarantee delivery within 48 hours through DHL for just £8.75. Delivery within 24 hours can be had for just £12.55.


Looking for the best price? check-out P4D

P4DP4D is a delivery specialist that partners with the best couriers to bring you the best price.

Working alongside Parcelforce, myHermes, UPS, DHL and Fedex to name but a few, they are able to offer great savings on traditional methods of parcel delivery.

Allowing for a collection from an address of your choosing, or alternatively the ability to drop off at your nearby store, thus saving significant time and money.

Starting from as low as £2.79, P4D are able to ship almost all sizes (including pallet delivery) both domestically and internationally.

Check-out P4D here.


Worried about your cards arriving on time?

Then why not send an e-card? They’re convenient, cheap, and environmentally friendly. Many are available for free on the internet. Or go to Jacquie Lawson for some great designs. For £7.25 – the price of about two shop-bought cards – you can send as many e-cards as you like from the entire collection.


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Ross McIver
Ross McIver

Can recommend parcelhub for businesses shipping high parcel volumes.

Warmer David
Warmer David

Thanks Paul for suggesting some alternates to Royal-mail. This works out a lot. Now we can delivers our parcels, important documents, card & letters by some other parcel service provider companies.

Bad experience
Bad experience

I used myHermes after reading this they rejected my parcel at the door saying u have to print out label and stick it on the parcel which was nowhere mentioned on their site I should’ve used royal mail.
Kept my payment aswel not provided service


thank you i only recently decided to look into other companies after discovering royal mail sells everyones’ details in marketing to businesses and their CEO is paid over a million a year – royal mail is a corporation now

Noel Byrne
Noel Byrne

“But when it comes to delivering cards and letters, there
aren’t any real rivals to the Royal Mail”
****Not True.****

You can upload or create a letter at they will
print and deliver it for less than the cost of a stamp. Amazing! Good bye Royal Mail:o|


thanks for the info.. great post


Jesus Quaranto
Jesus Quaranto
screen printing
screen printing

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I need some gift ideas please please please please please help!!!


Oh dear – we were too late! So sorry. Hope you found something fab.

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