May 18

An energising lunch at Tossed

photo: Sarah LockettA lunch that doesn’t send you to sleep by 3pm? Or reaching for the chocolate by 4pm because it wasn’t filling enough? YES, I want that lunch. That’s the promise from Tossed, the healthier eating place, which has 8 branches in London, and another 3 opening later this year.

I went to try it with my friend, the Seasoned Luncher (SL) at the Baker St branch. You can grab salads/wraps/fruit salads/juices etc from the fridges but much more popular  (at least when I was there) was having your salad or wrap made up before your eyes, customised the way you like it. It’s also lightening quick and efficient.

Photo: Sarah LockettYou choose a base (salad, brown rice, noodles or wholewheat cous cous) then add a protein (I went for falafel but there’s crayfish, bacon, chicken breast, tuna etc – £1.10 each). Then add deli ingredients (avocado, roast peppers etc – 75p each) and dairy (feta, cheddar, egg etc – 65p) then veg or fruit (beansprouts, olives, red onion, sultanas, wasabi peas, tortilla chips etc – 55p each) and a dressing (honey-lemon, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch etc). They toss it in front of you and pile it into a takeaway, lidded tub. Mine was vast and only about £6. SL had the best-seller, Chipotle Chicken in a wrap (£5.95) – which was even more vast, but she packed it away. To wash it down we sampled the smoothies (£2.95). Mine was the Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie, which was, as the founder Vincent McKevitt told me, more of a meal replacement (perhaps if you can’t face a full breakfast, or need to eat on the run) and SL went for the Passionista (dairy-free with mango, strawberries, passion fruit, banana and OJ)  – “yummy” and really refreshing. I thought I wouldn’t finished my smoothie as it was super peanutty and like drinking liquid Snickers Bars (without the chocolate) but guess what? It all went.

Photo: Sarah LockettYou can also order online from your desk and pick up 15 minutes later. Check out all the calorie contents as well.

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed Tossed – they’re fantastic and I would definitely choose this over other lunchtime sandwich-type chains. They’ve been going 7 years, since 2005. At least I’ve discovered them now.

They also do a  ‘Better Breakfast’ from 7.30-10am  Monday to Friday, including Smuesli –  a cross between a smoothie and muesli, eaten with a spoon, not a straw. Flavours include Strawberry StartBerry Boost andPineapple Pickup, made to order (£2.95) and containing only natural ingredients: fresh fruit, skimmed milk and fat-free frozen yoghurt, plus Tossed’s own muesli blend. There are also Wholewheat Croissants (95p) and the Hot & Healthier Wholewheat Muffin range, with Trimmed Bacon & Egg (271 cals), Sausage & Egg (338 cals) or Egg, Roasted Tomatoes & Italian cheese (322 cals) – £1.95.

You can eat-in at Mortimer Street, Baker Street, Paddington, Leadenhall Street and take-away only at Copthall  Avenue in the City and St Martin’s Lane in the West End. Plus they’re at both Westfields. They had a promotion running at the Baker St branch – hand in your business card and get a free veg (I went for red onion) Or join the Tosser Club (hahaha) and get a free breakfast item (toastie, porridge etc) when you buy any hot drink (offer ends 31st July).


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