Jun 28

Another job scam

I’m getting a few of these job scam emails now – are you? They go like this:

“Evening,  I was at home again skimming on CBSs local career spotlight last wednesday & looked into some new online based career that lets immigrants earn around $1900 per week or more & we did not really trust some of it for a while yet still I had to give it a try & thank god I did because I’ve made $401.07 on my 2nd day trying. its completely not hard at all. I have already been paid straight into my checking account – it’s probably the most amazing thing that’s hapened to me in my life,

“Heres the city spotlight page I really think virtually anyone thats got internet access can attempt the thing so I’m updating all our friends & loved ones. I want you to start and earn some income your self.. also send this webpage with everybody you know that needs to make more income so that we can all defeat this rising unemployment!!”

It’s bogus of course but the annoying thing is that it’s well written (unusually) so it will con a lot of people – particularly anyone who is looking to make a bit of cash on the side (and that’s most people).

As usual, if you see this, don’t click on anything and tell your friends to delete it. Don’t be conned!


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