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Arcade Orbit Nano Drone review


Drones are the big thing right now and every child (and even every adult) wants to play with one.

A good starter-Drone is the Arcade Orbit Nano which is light, easy to use and won’t break your furniture if you use it indoors.


The Orbit Nano Drone

It comes in a smart, case-type box with a little handle. The pieces are held in tightly so they’re properly protected.

The drone is fairly small – fits into an adult’s hands – and takes around 90 minutes for the battery to charge. You do it by connecting it to a USB port on your computer. You can also charge it with a USB phone charger.

The battery is simple to attach but you should place it as centrally as possible to make sure you don’t throw the drone off balance.

The battery doesn’t last long so you will need to keep recharging it.

The remote control needs 4x AA batteries which are not included. There’s a bit of fiddling with both items to set it up so it might need an adult to do that unless the teen is handy with a small screwdriver.

arcade nano drone review, toys, christmas, present, boysThe remote has several buttons for fine tuning and it also has a very handy auto-trim button which takes much of the hard work away for you.

There are three speed settings but to start off with it’s best to go slowly. The drone can be used indoors or outdoors but even if it’s indoors you need to be careful of crashes!

It doesn’t have a camera but it has flashing lights for using it at night which is a bonus (means you can find it if it flies off).

It’s the sort of toy that will keep the family interested – adults as well as children will want to play with it – so let everyone have a turn!


Want to buy an Orbit Nano Drone?

It costs £39.99 and you can get the Orbit Nano Drone here


Insure 2 Go


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Alan McMeekin
Alan McMeekin

I acquired this product about two weeks ago. It starts ok then falls to the ground and the controls will do nothing. Please do not waste your money on this piece of crap. It is useless.

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