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Are you overpaying on your broadband charges?

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it’s highly likely that you are overpaying on your broadband charges, wherever you are in the UK.

This is because there are 15 million homes in the UK that are paying an average of £113 a year more for their broadband since their introductory deals have expired and they moved onto higher ‘out of contract’ fees.

That’s according to research by First Utility.


who is being over-charged and why?

They say that millions of households are paying hundreds of pounds more than they should be for their broadband, thanks to higher ‘out of contract’ charges that are not being properly explained.

In fact £1.7bn is being wasted across the country every year.

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of communication that some of the biggest broadband providers give to their customers. There is no legal requirement for providers to alert you once your initial contract price ends and your monthly payments go up. That means millions are unaware that their price has gone up, or that they are able to switch for free.

Their research found that:

  • 72% of all homes with broadband are paying more than they need
  • 15 million homes are overpaying
  • The average difference between teaser rates and out of contract rates is £113 a year
  • Only 10% of broadband bill payers could recall having been alerted to their new rates
  • 92% supported making it mandatory for providers to alert you when the contract term is up

The good news is that Ofcom, the broadband regulator, is currently consulting on whether there should be more communication about this.

First Utility has written to Ofcom urging them to force providers to be more transparent.


how much are you being overcharged in your county?

Different counties across the UK are suffering different levels of over-charging.

First Utility has created a map of charges for the country. See what your area is doing below:


what can you do when you are out-of-contract

Once you are out of your cheap, introductory offer, it’s time to look around again to see what better deals are around.

The good news is that there are lots of broadband deals around and new ones are coming up all the time.

There are even broadband-only deals that are increasingly popular as fewer and fewer people bother with a landline.

Take a look at this broadband comparison service now to find a cheaper and faster service than you have at the moment. 

Why pay more?


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