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Are you owed money from your former energy supplier?

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If you have switched energy suppliers recently then you may be owed money from your former energy supplier – an estimated 3 million people are due returns of an average of £50.

The six major energy suppliers have now launched a nationwide campaign, ‘My Energy Credit’, to help consumers get money back that is rightfully theirs.


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Money is usually owed to customers who have left behind credit when moving home, switching supplier or closing the estate of a deceased relative.

The website was launched in September, but there will now a ‘My Energy Credit’ helpline and a freepost address to help customers claim repayments.


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The campaign is supported by the six largest energy companies – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, SSE and Scottish Power.

Lawrence Slade, incoming Chief Executive of Energy UK, said:  “This campaign aims to inform customers throughout the UK about money that might be owed to them by their previous energy supplier.

“Energy companies have long had systems in place to give back ‘energy credit’ to customers – this campaign spreads awareness and makes it easier for consumers to check whether they are owed money or not.”


Customers can claim for credit repayments no matter how long ago it was they closed the account, they will just need proof that they were a former customer.

If you want to make a repayment claim then you can visit, call the helpline on 0370 737 7770 or use their freepost address:

My Energy Credit
47 Aylesbury Road


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