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August International Portable mini bluetooth stereo review

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Remember the boom boxes of the 80s and 90s? Guys sauntering along with a massive portable stereo system on their shoulders, blasting out something horrible?

Now you can get a teeny version of that…in firebox red…with speakers that are really just as powerful that will blast out the tunes on your phone to set a party atmosphere wherever you are.

The portable mini bluetooth stereo system by August International

When I say ‘teeny’ I mean really small. It’s 150 x 125 x 85mm – you can hold it in your hand.

It’s cool, though, and blasts a decent volume if you want it to thanks to the two powerful 3 watt speakers which punch above their weight.

It has a fun retro design and is available in 4 vibrant colours (we tried the bright red one), it fits into a small space – you can hold it in your hand – and will go into your handbag or rucksack.

It also has a high performance internal rechargeable battery offering 7 hours playback.

Want it? You can buy it here.

What does it do

It is a radio so you can tune it to a host of radio stations.

You can also connect it to your phone, via bluetooth, so that it will play the tunes on there.

You can put a USB stick in the back to play music from that or put a memory card in and play from that.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be music – it could be podcasts or talking books.

You can power it up from your computer with the lead that comes with it so it can be full of battery power whenever you need it.  You even get a radio alarm clock thrown in

Features include:

  • Play Music Wirelessly from Bluetooth Devices
  • Bluetooth v3.0 Speaker System
  • FM Radio with 12 Channel Presets
  • USB, SD Card Reader and AUX In
  • 2x3W Powerful Hi-Fi Speakers
  • 24 Hour Clock Function
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery – Over 7 hours playback between charges


moneymagpie mini portable stereo stystem by August reviewBluetooth V3.0 + EDR; Speakers: 2 x 3Watts; Frequency Response: 80Hz – 18KHz; Separation: 40dB(1KHz); S/N: 70dB; USB and SD card port: up to 16GB card or USB in FAT format; File format: MP3; Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7v 800mAh; Working Time: Over 7 hours; Charging Time: 3 hours; Dimensions: 150 x 125 x85mm; Weight: 320g

Want an August International Mini Bluetooth Stereo?

You can buy it for just £20 (it’s usually £34.96) at Amazon here

Do you have one of these?

What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below…

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