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Nov 10

Being Proactive With Your Health Will Save You Money

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We live in a very busy society, and one of the major failings of the way the world works is that if we’re not currently busy, we feel that we should be and look for a way to be busy. One of the ways that this exhibits itself is in a reluctance to deal with health issues, choosing instead to grit our teeth and get on with things. After all, taking time off work or exhibiting weakness, perceived or otherwise, is not something we want to do in a competitive world.

It has become standard practice for many people to treat matters of health as an inconvenient distraction, and a worryingly large section of the population will only take action on their health if it becomes impossible not to. However, as we will go on to see, this is a false economy that doesn’t do your health any favours – and, as we will see, won’t benefit you financially in any meaningful sense either.


If you work through pain or illness, you’re not delivering your best

Naturally, people will feel compelled to work if they can’t afford not to – if they’re paid by the shift, then they have to turn up even when they feel rotten. This is something that needs addressing by people with a lot more power, in truth, but it is telling that many of the centres of Covid-19 community transmission were in high-intensity, low-pay workplaces. If, on the other hand, you can take sick days and still get paid, it’s the sensible thing to do. For one thing, if you’re sick you aren’t going to be able to provide your best work, and for another, passing on an illness is only going to hurt the company.


A smaller spend early on can save you much larger costs

Many of us are reluctant to spend financially on things that will benefit us in health terms. Whether that be waiting in line for treatment when you could pay to go private (an understandable decision), or not buying glasses when you know you really need them, the mindset is that we can struggle on rather than having to spend more. It’s not a sensible way to go about things; as you learn more info on the benefits of glasses, you will see that they can prevent your eyesight getting worse. They can prevent a number of long-term health issues, which will cost significantly more to correct or to work around.


Adding more hours won’t necessarily help in the long term

One of the dangers of “busyness” is that it can be tempting to work ever longer hours to ensure that we earn more. However, the flip side of working more to earn more is that, once you’ve banked those hours, you’re unlikely to have rested enough, got enough sleep or even eaten well enough to help your body and brain stand up to the rigours of such an extensive schedule. You can pick up more work here and there, for sure – sometimes it will even be beneficial – but it is important to balance the short-term financial benefit with how your health reacts to it.


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