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BetterVouchers review

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It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with voucher sites.

On the one hand, we love saving money and so any site that helps people do that is great.

On the other, well, there’s a lot of rubbish on voucher sites. For many, the savings that can be gained from trawling through voucher sites aren’t enough for them to bother spending the time and some ‘offers’ don’t really seem to be offers at all.

So when we heard that BetterVouchers, a new voucher site, was launching…honestly, we weren’t that excited.

However, after having time to look over the site, there are ways that BetterVouchers are clearly trying to improve the voucher site experience for the users, and that’s got us interested.


What is BetterVouchers?

BetterVouchers is a new voucher code site that only launched a few weeks ago.

It was setup by a small team in the midlands who, frustrated with the current state of voucher sites, set up BetterVouchers to show that a small dedicated team can do a better job.

The founder, reflecting on some of the flaws of current voucher sites (you can read his blog about them here) said “It is hard for me to believe that, considering the resources they have, they cannot fix these issues and I wanted to prove that a small team of dedicated Deals Nerds can do a better job that these multi million pounds companies.

“We are hoping to grow and prove that respecting your members pays off but even if by doing what we do, will make the big guys to adjust and provide more value to their members, we will consider this to be a success.”

BetterVouchers currently have over 1800 merchants on their platform and over 2000 vouchers.


How is BetterVouchers different from any other voucher site?

On the surface BetterVouchers doesn’t look radically different from other voucher sites.

It’s easy to browse and you can either search for a specific deal or by category.

The layout is nice and will be instantly familiar to anyone who knows their away around voucher sites.

However, it’s when you dig beneath the surface that you see some of BetterVouchers unique strengths.

Firstly, unlike most other voucher sites, BetterVouchers is 100%  ‘community-curated’. What this means, practically, is every time a customer uses one of the offers, that offer is then upvoted.

This is different to the traditional voucher site model where companies who pay are given priority over those who don’t. It’s also different to voucher sites which allow you to vote up or down a specific offer – here, the users’ actions do all the talking.

This means the best and most popular offers are the ones given the most prominence on site and, because retailers don’t have to pay BetterVouchers, they may be able to offer better deals to customers.

Secondly, they promise to only promote deals which are really deals. In practice this means that they’ll only post vouchers with offer at least 10%/£10 off, which should make browsing a much more rewarding experience.

Finally, they aim to be completely transparent and only use communication channels that are their own, such as their Facebook page and Twitter account.

On top of all that they let their users post any deal they want, regardless of whether they’ll make money from it.


BetterVouchers is, like all start-ups, something of a risk and it’ll be interesting to see what the future has to hold for them.

What we can say, though, is we appreciate the fact they are clearly putting their users first and being entirely transparent – hopefully it will pay off!


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