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Boiler specialists gives 7 top tips for winter warmth

Moneymagpie Team 8th Dec 2021 One Comment

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With energy price rises and shortages dominating the news, an Essex boiler specialist which is currently celebrating its 10th year of business is sharing some of its top tips for winter warmth.

Prime Time Boilers, of North Weald, is also on the lookout for gas engineers, boiler surveyors, sub-contractors and apprentices as part of plans to double the workforce this year.

Prime Time Boilers has recently added three new surveyors to help cover Romford, Portsmouth and Milton Keynes and there are also plans for expansion outside of the region into Swindon.

Managing Director Peter Horlock comments with his top tips:

Top tips

Now the nights are a bit colder and you need your heating a bit more, it is best to get to grips with your boiler and heating system and make sure it is working to its best.

  1. Turn your boiler on! I know it might sound odd but in October, most of our calls are from people who have turned their heating on for the first time in a few months, only to find that it does not work .

  2. Bleed your radiators. If your heating system has been idle for a while, air can gather in the high points of your radiators. Taking 20 minutes to bleed your radiators can fix this in most cases and ensures they are giving off an even, comfortable heat.

  3. Make sure you understand your heating controls. Getting to grips with your thermostat or heating controls and knowing how to use all the features can really help to make sure you have comfortable heating that comes on when you want it to.

  4. Don’t turn your heating up too high. The trick is to try and get your home to a comfortable heat and sustain it. If you get cold and turn your thermostat all the way up, it will make the room too hot and you will need to turn it off again. Then once it gets too cold you will need to turn it on again and it creates a bit of a vicious circle. If you can get your heating to a temperature you like, try and keep it there, which leads me on to my next point…

  5. Get a Smart Thermostat.  Smart Thermostats are the easiest and cheapest way to improve your heating system. The technology in them means they know the outside temperature, they know how long it takes your home to warm up, how warm you like it and when you do and don’t want the heating on. They also improve the efficiency of your heating so you’ll use less gas, which in today’s climate is of utmost importance.

  6. Get your boiler serviced. Your boiler may seem like it is working fine but getting a boiler service could identify any looming threats and neutralise them before they become a problem, in the middle of night, on a cold February morning.

  7. TRV’s (Thermostatic Radiator Valves). If you don’t have them, get them. If you do have them, make sure they are on the right setting, they stop the room from overheating and keep it comfortable, they also stop your boiler burning more gas than it needs to.


Bonus tip

Do consider getting a new boiler!

If your boiler is over 10 years old, the chances are it’s a non-condensing boiler, which means its old tech, it might still be working but it will definitely be burning more gas than it needs to.

Boilers have come a long way in terms of efficiency over the past decade, meaning they can do the same job but by using a lot less fuel, again saving you money on your gas bill.

In summary, taking time out now in the Autumn to get familiar with your boiler and heating system and to make sure it is working will pay dividends in the shorter, colder winter days.

If you need help with any of the points above you can always give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Prime Time Boilers has recently added three new surveyors to help cover Romford, Portsmouth and Milton Keynes and there are also plans for expansion outside of the region into Swindon.

Please note this is a paid promotion from Prime Time Boilers

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