Apr 28

Calais, Cornwall and Clarice Cliff

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A busy eBay week for me with plenty of sales and visits to the Post Office.  Rather disappointingly, my lovely cache of designer clothing, all brand new and with those important tags still dangling, went for a song. Some lucky eBayer is now in possession of a £345 Missoni dress for which they paid a mere £50.

Don’t make the mistake of expecting your unwanted items to sell for a high price, in all likelihood they won’t.  And, just because you paid a fortune for those designer shoes, and you’ve never got round to wearing them, it doesn’t mean that somebody will pay the original retail cost to buy them from you.  Be realistic about the price you might achieve and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. For example, this week, amongst all that gorgeous new designer wear, I listed my old denim jacket, bought about seven years ago from Harvey Nichols. I thought I would be lucky to make £5 and it sold for £23, considerably more than most of that brand new designer wear.cornwall

Of course, there are times you can make a mint on eBay.  Do you have lurking in the back of your cupboard any old china?  Art Deco tableware such as Susie Cooper and Carlton Ware is very popular as is Mason’s Ironstone. Emma Bridgewater pieces, particularly the older designs, are much sought after and are considered by some to be the antiques of the future. Even the current Bridgewater patterns will fetch almost as much, if not more, than their original price. Currently one of the most watched items on eBay is a Clarice Cliff 1931 vase with bidding currently standing at an amazing £510.  So get up in the attic and start searching!

When you list your item for sale, whatever it might be, I think it is generally best to begin the bidding at a low price.  My listings nearly always begin at 99p.  Everyone wants a bargain and buyers can be discouraged by high starting prices.  The important thing is to get those bids rolling in to make your item seem more attractive to potential buyers.  After all, most retailers use psychological techniques to get consumers shopping so why shouldn’t you?  But perhaps you don’t want to have to sell Granny’s tea-set for a couple of quid?  Don’t worry, you can place a reserve on the item when you list it and, if the bids don’t reach the reserve price, you don’t have to sell it.  Watch out though, it costs extra to list with a reserve price and the minimum reserve price is £50.  So you need to be fairly confident that your item is likely to achieve that price otherwise it will be unsold and you will still have to pay the listing and reserve price auction fees.

If you’re looking for something to do over the May Bank Holiday next weekend there are some great ideas on eBay.  How about taking the family over to Calais?


Calais pier

One seller is offering a £94 family ticket to Calais for £40. Log on to and check out Priscilia1747. Or Bananamilkshake123 is offering two nights in a family room at the Brighton Travelodge with bidding currently at £5.62. There are quite a few opportunities to buy entrance tickets to Alton Towers if that appeals. Apparently the normal cost of entry for two persons is £68 and 3565hilton is selling entrance for two with the bidding currently at £5.62. Many of these Alton Tower tickets seem to have originated as a free offer in the Sun newspaper which just goes to show that you can sell anything on eBay and it’s always worth keeping an eye out for free offers in the paper with a view to selling them on.

But perhaps the most intriguing offer is from Insails who is looking for race crew in Cornwall at a buy it now price of £25.00 and the chance to sleep on board a 25ft American built ID35 with a top speed of 18 knots!


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