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Can I resell airline and train tickets?

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“How can I resell airline and train tickets?” you ask. If you want to sell a plane ticket that you suddenly don’t need you might hit a brick wall. Same for selling train tickets. However, in some circumstances it is possible. Here are the ways you can resell tickets and the times when you can’t. 

How and when can I resell airline and train tickets?

Reselling plane tickets

It’s a tricky one. In some circumstances you can resell them but in others moneymagpie_resell airline and train tickets_boarding-passit’s illegal. When it comes to airlines, they’ll only allow you to travel on tickets that are in your name. So if you sell yours on the buyer needs to be able to put it in their name. Selling your ticket on largely depends on the type of ticket you have and which airline it’s with.

  • British Airways won’t let you change a passenger’s name on any of their tickets. Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and BMI also don’t allow passengers to change the names on tickets, regardless of the price.
  • offer three types of ticket; Essentials, New Economy and Plus which have a range of fees included. Name changes across all tickets can be done up to two hours before departing over the phone or at the airport from £40/€50.
  • Ryanair charges £110/€110 to change passenger names online and £160/€160 at the airport up to four hours before departing.
  • EasyJet Holidays has less painful fees, only charging £35/€42 for a name change online and £40/€48 at the airport or over the phone per passenger, per flight. Don’t forget though that there are admin fees of £9 too as well as the fees on the type of credit card you use.

Of course, you will also need to pay the difference in the price of the flight too, if the second flight is more expensive. So for example, if you bought an easyJet flight for £50, then decided to change the name, you would pay the £44 fee, plus the difference between the amount you paid, and the cost of a new ticket (so, if new tickets were being sold for £200, you’d pay £44 + the £150 difference, meaning you pay £194).

Watch out for flights with stop-overs and changes because a name change will need to be made on each leg of the journey with each airline. Travelling from London to Malta via a connection in
Germany could mean paying a small fortune to have names changed as fees vary from airline to airline. A lot of package holidays do this to offer cheap deals but it can be a nightmare changing names on flights which will have to be done by you and not the company you booked the holiday through. If you would like to try your hand at selling your airline ticket there are websites designed for this:

  • TradeFlights, set up in 2011, is relatively new and allows people to buy and sell unwanted flight tickets.
  • Buy My Tickets is a free listing site where you can also advertise your flight details and how much you want for the tickets.
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Reselling train tickets

moneymagpie_resell airline and train tickets_train-ticketSelling train tickets is a tricky one because technically it’s illegal. Listings for your train tickets on Gumtree or eBay, for example, will be taken down unless you’re selling tickets as an employee of the train operator. However, if you can sell privately to friends or family it’s unlikely that an inspector would notice (or indeed care) as there’s no name on them. isn’t much better as tickets are not supposed to be resold and will be taken down on the websites above. However, there is a website in France where you can buy and sell Eurostar tickets called Troc des Trains. Also, the French online community, France inLondon, has a classified section where tickets can be bought and sold. Be aware, though, that occasionally tickets are checked against your passport at Eurostar barriers.

Reselling concert tickets etc

Now this is better! If you have concert tickets, festival tickets or sports tickets you can resell them in a variety of places including:

If it’s a really popular event you could even make money on the transaction. See our article on buying and selling tickets to find out how to protect yourself and possibly make money on the transaction.

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thanks for the help, sites like this actually provide help and assistance as opposed to miserable company phone operators who give no help WHATSOEVER just want you off the line! xx

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Certainly worth looking into, thanks for sharing the article

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