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Can you really trust a car purchase when you can’t kick the tyres?

The internet has been a great leveller for the consumer and let’s you access information, reviews and insight without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to buy an expensive holiday, your weekly shopping or just a book, online shopping offers consumers convenience, control and value. You can pick when your delivery arrives (and when it is returned if necessary), you can choose between competitors without leaving your sofa and you can compare prices at the click of a mouse.

And with sites like like MoneyMagpie offering advice and discounts, cashback or vouchers it’s no wonder that internet shopping is booming.

However, one sector that has lagged behind is the motoring industry despite the fact your car is probably one of the most expensive and important things you’ll ever buy.

Can you really trust a car purchase when you can’t kick the tyres?And it’s not as if there isn’t plenty of information online if you are thinking of buying a car. Today the average person buying a car spends around 11 hours researching online but more than half only visit one forecourt before purchasing. This suggests that people have made their decision (or at least a shortlist) online but have to go to a physical location to complete the transaction. In a world where for many purchases you can shout an order at “Alexa” and have a drone drop your delivery to your door, this seems like a terrible waste of time and effort. And let’s face it, once you step out of your front door, you’re on someone else’s turf and risk losing control of the process.

However change is afoot and over the last few years there have been signs that the industry is starting to move with the times. Online marketplaces like eBay have allowed people to sell their cars directly to others as well as on specialist sites like AutoTrader. In recent years sites like WeBuyAnyCar or Wizzle have offered you a guaranteed price for your old motor.

But if you’re a buyer, not a seller, it’s been hard to find a website that offers you the same level of convenience and reassurance. If you’re in the market for a new car there are a number of sites that will bite your hand off to connect you to dealerships but if you want something with more miles on the clock your choices are limited and often a bit of an expensive gamble. This is despite the fact that the used car industry is worth an estimated £45bn a year.

Hellocar is a newly-launched UK used car retailer hoping to remedy this by offering a fully online retail experience that promises transparency, convenience and value. Cars on the platform are sourced from high quality avenues such as leasing and finance companies or directly from major manufacturers. Every car on the site undergoes a comprehensive 168-point AA inspection, comes with a seven-day money back guarantee and can be delivered to any UK address in just a few days. The seven-day test drive period is underwritten by Aviva – ensuring total peace of mind. And if you don’t like it, Hellocar will take it away again. Beats kicking the tyres on the forecourt and a spin around the block, right?

You can opt to pay on a credit card or finance your purchase at the lowest possible rate through Hellocar’s finance partner, Zuto.


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Can you really trust a car purchase when you can’t kick the tyres?

By removing the dealer from the equation and bringing the whole process  – from research to purchase to finance online – you benefit from high quality, great value and convenience, avoiding the stress of haggling on a forecourt and finally buying cars in a way that puts you in control.


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