May 15

Can you spot the BOGOFs from the rip offs?

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This week National Numeracy is reaching out to anyone in the UK who struggles with everyday tasks due to the numbers involved.

Do you get a headache from calculating exchange rates, working out repayments after a percentage rate change, and doing the discounts on shopping items?


Have you got the maths skills to bag the bargains?

National Numeracy Day takes place this week and is going all out to change this, encouraging everyone to embrace their inner numbers person.  National Numeracy, the charity behind the campaign has found that one of the main reasons people seek to improve their everyday maths skills is to get better deals and be savvier with managing the family finances.

Without the skills to crunch the numbers needed for everyday life and work it’s likely that we are spending more than we need to, with the average cost to individuals with poor numeracy being £460 a year.

Let’s face it, if we can find the time to improve our numeracy we are in a better position to spot the best bargains, get a handle on our household finances, and even avoid being scammed.

Can you tell the BOGOFs from the rip offs? Try the quiz to find out…

Test your maths skills using the quiz below.

Want to take your numeracy skills further?

Find out if you have the essential number skills for daily life using National Numeracy’s free online assessment tool, the National Numeracy Challenge.  If you achieve a score of 80, you have the Essentials of Numeracy; the maths skills needed for everyday life and work.


Why not try it today? Whatever the result, there are free tools to help you improve.

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