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Carrots combat skiing sunburn?

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So, if you’ve been away for a winter break, or if you’re planning to go away skiing soon, Chantenay Carrots could be the answer to sunburn, apparently. That’s according to a new press release which I’m happy to pass on – then you can make up your own mind. Chantenay carrots are the little diddy ones, but I guess this applies to all types of carrots.

Long story short: eating carrots won’t stop you burning – you still need sunblock – but they help your skin recover more quickly.

So, here are the edited highlights: “New research has shown that eating just a handful of Chantenay carrots every day can help protect our skin and fight the effects of sun damage, although eating Chantenay carrots will not provide protection against the sun. Active ingredients such as Beta-carotene, retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamins B5, C, E and K are used in after-sun skin treatments, because they have been proven to help prevent sun damage, reduce wrinkles and reverse the ageing process.  The very same ingredients are abundant in these small, sweet British-grown carrots.  New research has shown that by eating foods high in these ingredients, your skin accumulates the active agents right where it’s needed to fight the effects of sun exposure and skin-damaging free radicals.  By eating Chantenay carrots, the skin of your whole body gets the benefit, not just the skin you apply the after-sun lotion to. 

The research, commissioned by Chantenay Carrot growers Freshgro, shows that eating Chantenay carrots every day means your body has loads of the vitamins it needs to repair itself from a day in the sun, especially beta-carotene.  Our bodies use beta-carotene to make retinol (Vitamin A) – which is far more effective than applying it to your skin from the outside!

Chantenay carrots, like other carrots, contain more vitamin A than any other vegetable or fruit. Just one 80g portion of Chantenay supplies more than the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamin A, and contains more folate than an avocado, an abundant supply of Vitamin C and is an excellent source of Vitamin K.  All these are known active ingredients promoted in numerous skin care products.

So there you have it. On a personal note my Dad decided to drink carrot juice a while back, for the vitamins I think, and one bonus was that he looked very tanned. A lot of carrot juice (half a litre every day) will make you visibly more orange. Cheaper and more healthy than spray tanning or sunbeds!



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