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Dec 25

Cashback Sites and Apps: Helping You Earn Back A Percentage of the Money You Spend

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The idea of earning back the money we spend is indeed enticing. Long-time credit cardholders know that credit card companies offer cashback rewards when you pay for gas, groceries, hotel accommodations, streaming sites, etc. Today, you can double your cashback by using cashback sites/apps along with your credit cards. 

Besides helping you earn a part of the money you spend on your purchases, cashback sites or apps also help you compare prices, find discounts or deals, or track coupons to get you more money savings. 

Do you want to learn more about cashback sites/apps? How do they work? How do they earn money or how do you earn money from them? Take some time to read this post for more information about cashback sites/apps.


Cashback Sites and Apps: What Are They?

Many people are still wary of things online that offer them to earn money. But most cashback sites/apps are as legit as their name suggests. 

Cashback websites/apps indeed return a percentage of the money you spend on your purchases. Also, they can be tools for price comparison, finding discounts, and connecting customers with coupons. In other words, they can be a multi-purpose application for you to save on everyday expenses

Most cashback sites/apps connect you to various participating stores, while others are popular for connecting you to a specific shopping category that offers deals and discounts. 

You can combine using a cashback site/app and a cashback credit card to maximize the money you earn on your purchases. Many shoppers are doing that when they shop for goods, order food delivery, or reserve a hotel room. 


How Do Cashback Sites/Apps Work?

Cashback sites/apps return a percentage of your money on your purchases. You can send the money to a financial service like PayPal or transfer the amount into your bank account. Most cashback sites/apps have a maximum amount that you need to reach before you can get your money earnings. 

For you to find qualifying purchases, you need to use a website or mobile application and look for available deals or products. Some users install a browser extension or desktop application to notify them about discounts and deals. 

Get the most out of a cashback website/app by using features like a price comparison tool for you to avail of products at their cheap prices. 


How Cashback Sites/Apps Earn Money?

Cashback platforms make money and pay you a part of your purchase through referrals. When you use a cashback mobile app to buy something, a retailer makes a profit. A retailer that gains new shoppers is more than willing to pay a cashback platform for helping them find buyers of their products. 

Cashback sites/apps also feature certain retailers that pay them more money. These platforms not only help you get cashback, but they also need to make profits by nudging you to brands and retailers. 


Top 3 Cashback Platforms

If you’re considering using a cashback website/app, here are three of the best platforms that can help you earn cashback on your purchases. 


Rakuten connects shoppers to over 2,500 retailers. This platform helps you find in-store and online discounts, double cashback deals, buy-one-get-one offers, and exclusive deals. 

If you want to use Rakuten to earn cashback offers, install the Rakuten Cashback Button to your frequently used browser. This browser extension will search for available coupons, send you notifications of available cashback deals, and conduct price comparisons. 


You can earn cashback using Dosh by linking your debit or credit card, and then shop for goods, dine in a restaurant, or book a hotel room. You’ll automatically receive your cashback straight to your account once you make a purchase. There’s a mobile application that helps you browse for discounts and cashback offers before shopping. 

If you love to travel, Dosh is an excellent app for booking hotel accommodations. It connects you to over 600,000 hotels all over the globe and offers up to 40% cashback. 


Ibotta connects you to various retailers, and many people use this platform especially for buying groceries. For instance, you can get a cashback using Ibotta when you buy from grocery brands like Tree Top and Kellogg’s. They also provide cashback on milk brands and drink brands. 

You can also link loyalty accounts to its mobile application. In this way, you can streamline your shopping experience and speed up the process of getting your rewards. 



Now you know how cashback websites/apps work. If you want to get cashback offers when shopping, dining, or booking hotel reservations, you can use a cashback platform to earn a percentage of the money you spend on your purchases. Consider using cashback platforms, such as Rakuten, Dosh, and Ibotta for that purpose. 


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