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Cheap food at Approvedfood

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Published 2012

I’ve just had my first delivery of food ordered at Approvedfood ( It’s pretty impressive. Here’s my list (it was delivered free) (the first column is the RRP the second column is the amount I actually paid):

CREME EGG CLEARANCE Cadbury Creme Egg £0.10 20 £2.00
Bakers Delight FreeTime Biscuits 100g £0.50 2 £1.00
Middle Earth Organics Organic Tomato Sauce With Olives and Capers 300g £0.75 2 £1.50
Mr Organic Italian Organic Tomato Puree 200g £0.50 2 £1.00
Just Wholefoods Organic Vegetarian Biriyani 125g £0.50 2 £1.00
Olivado Avocado Oil and Chilli 250ml £1.49 1 £1.49
Real Organic Foods Company Mushroom and Red Wine Pasta Sauce 350g £0.99 1 £0.99
Unbranded Coconut Milk 400ml £0.25 4 £1.00
Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak Flavour Crisps 50g £0.20 5 £1.00
Alpen Original 375g £0.99 1 £0.99
Kelloggs Fruit N Fibre 375g £1.49 1 £1.49
Crosse and Blackwell Red Kidney Beans in Water 240g £0.50 2 £0.99
Arbella Elbows Pasta 500g £0.60 2 £1.20
Batchelors Condensed Soup Cream Of Mushroom 295g £0.50 2 £1.00

Yes, I have just ordered 20 creme eggs (for £2 – it’s a bargain!). I won’t be eating them all…honest!

Approved food has the kind of stuff you get down the market on those stalls that sell packets and jars of things at a discount. I usually make a beeline for those tables when I’m there as they always have some good offers.

Approvedfood has a variety of stuff – some of it looks like tins that are a bit bashed (the mushroom soups were bashed a bit when they turned up) but I don’t mind that. Also there are ends of lines (e.g. the creme eggs which are a bit out of season now!) and some packets of things with the labels taken off (I guess the manufacturers don’t want us to know that they’re doing the food at a discount.

It’s not the sort of site where you can do all your shopping but it’s good to stock up on cheaper versions of things you would buy anyway. If you’re not sure if something really is cheap then check it against and you’ll find out there.

I definitely think it’s worth a go. I’ll be going back, even if it’s for more chocolates and tins!

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