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Cheap gift ideas for Mother’s Day

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She carried you in her womb for nine months, fed you, clothed you, and even sat through your school plays. So it’s only fair your mum should be made to feel a bit special with one of these great cheap gift ideas for Mother’s Day. But if you don’t know where to start, don’t fret. We’ve got plenty of gift ideas for Mother’s Day – from old classics to something a bit more unusual – and all at fantastic prices.

Entertainment addict

Whether your mum is into chick flicks or world cinema, there are loads of good value movies available online.

  • Or why not buy her a subscription to a service like LOVEFiLM and your mum can rent out DVDs from a massive selection online. The films get posted to her to watch in the comfort of her own home. When she’s done with them, she sends them back by prepaid post, and gets sent the next films she’s requested. Simple! LOVEFiLM rentals start from £4.99 per month and rise to £14.99 per month for unlimited rentals.

For musical gifts, TV episodes or creating your own custom mix, the iTunes store has everything you’ll need, and it’s great for last-minute gifts. When you buy a gift, iTunes will immediately send an email to the recipient who’ll click on a link and the gift will start downloading. For more information about e-gifts click here.

Trend setter and beauty buff

If your mum is into make-up, forget the high street. Make-up and perfume is almost always cheaper online.

  • Save over 50% on fragrances at
  • Benefit Cosmetics is offering free delivery on all orders £40 or over.
  • Or head to John Lewis, which offers everything from bronzers and blushers to a host of other pampering delights for around the £20 mark.
  • The Body Shop are offering a fab collection of mother’s Day gifts, so find some inspiration on their special mother’s Day page.

Swallows_Vanity_Case_lifestyle- gift ideas for mother's dayOnce you buy the make-up you think your Mum will like how about buying this spring like vanity case from Debenhams. 

watering can - gift ideas for mother's day

Is your Mum the gardening type? Is so we think she will love these brightly coloured watering cans for just over £5.


Book and art lover

Amazon have a great range of books that Mum’s will love. How about Mad about the boy, the latest Bridget Jones installment. Or let your Mum try something that will stimulate her mind like The Flourish HandbookAlternatively, Mary Berry’s autobiography is a good read or funny women Sarah Milligan’s has a book full of funny stories that will have your Mum smiling.

Indulge your mum’s artistic streak. has a huge catalogue of prints and posters for you to browse online, and is currently knocking 10% off the price of all orders. They sell everything from abstracts to photography, covering artists from Whistler to Warhol – so you’re bound to find something that’s to your mum’s taste. Prices range from £5 – £500.

Is your Mum a magazine addict and gossip junkie? If so we have the perfect gift for her. Grazia are currently offering 4 issues for £1 – which means you save 88% – that’s just 25p per copy. Alternatively, if your Mum likes her film gossip get her 3 issues of Empire magazine for only £1 – saving you 92%. These deals are so good you could even buy her both!

Doula Course

If your Mum is looking for a new career path how about booking her a place on this Doula course. Doulas vary in age from early 20’s to 60’s or even 70’s but they are all mother’s themselves. The course is run several times throughout the year and those who pass it are able to work as doulas through the agency. To book a place click here. 

Whisk her away

Why not whisk your mum away from it all? has some great city breaks which would make a lovely mother’s Day present. Why not take in the sights , Or stay closer to home for very little cost. Take advantage of Travelodge’s spring sale and book a room for just £29.
Your mum might have her feet firmly stuck on the ground, but why not change that for a day?

  • If you book through Red Letter Days, you’ll even get to help inflate the balloon itself! Take your mum up to 3,000 feet, giving her a tranquil birds-eye view over the British countryside. You can fly from locations all over the UK – and your mum gets to toast her maiden flight with a glass of champagne when she lands!


Spoil her with a spa day

Give your mum some top-notch pampering with a spa break.

  • mothers dayRed Letter Days sells good-value spa treatments from £29 as well as various other activities, such as flotation tank experiences and other pampering treats.

  • Marriott Hotels offers a pamper day treat from £49, and will allow your mum to bring along a friend to use the facilities (such as the swimming pool and spa) free of charge.
  • always have great deals on spa treatments – so check out their wide range of offers to see what you can get for your mum. Most of them included multiple treatments for your mum and the person she chooses to take with her (which will hopefully be you!).
  • Why not create your own at home spa with some gift set spa treats. This With Love – Limited edition gift by Sanctuary Spa available at Boots has all the ingredients for a fully indulgent pamper session for your Mum.

Delicious dining

gift ideas for mother's dayIf your Mum’s a real foodie, then delicious dinner at a top restaurant will be the way to his heart. OpenTable has a huge selection of special offers for top-class restaurants and even celebrity chef establishments so you can enjoy fine dining on a budget. Browse the selection in your area here.

Or if you decide to eat in why not treat her (and yourself!) to a delicious meal from M&S dine in for two for £10 range. Make her day by doing that, and you will officially be her favourite child!

gift ideas for mother's dayCheese loving mother’s will love this cheese selection – Best Mum in the world gift box. Don’t worry about the whiffy smell you can select a delivery date for just before you want it delivered and you can even enter a personal message and we’ll add it onto a lovely gift card for you. We’ve tried this particular cheese box and we can tell you it’s fantastic! It’s full of fabulous British cheeses that any cheese lover would adore. Thoroughly recommended.

Give to charity

If your Mum likes to do her bit for charity, then a gift from the Oxfam Unwrapped range will be right up her street. You can do good and make your mum happy at the same time. Choose from packets of seeds, a goat, some good old DIY assistance and loads more.

Alternatively, You could celebrate mother’s Day by helping mother’s who are in need. Aid organisation Maternity Worldwide helps save the lives of women in the developing world, whose health is put at risk by poor maternity care. For a £15 donation, Maternity Worldwide will send a personalised ‘Safe Birth’ certificate to your mum – and you both get the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will make a real difference to the lives of other mother’s.

Classic gift ideas for Mother’s Day

flowers - gift ideas for mother's dayClassic gifts such as flowers are always a mother’s Day favourite. Rather than browsing the wilted offerings at your local garage forecourt, your best bet is to go for a snazzy bouquet that can be delivered straight to your mum’s door.

At Arena Flowers you can get FREE DELIVERY plus special mother’s Day discounts. If you’re feeling a bit more flush you can get these exquisite mixed tulips for £27.98 or these Deluxe rainbow flowers and chocolates for £34.99 which includes a box of scrumptious Guylian chocolates.

garden - gift ideas for mother's day

Alternatively you can get your Mum a indoor allotment like this one from Prezzybox. This mini gift will allow your Mum to grow her own herbs and spices and it’ll last longer than a bunch of flowers.

Don’t forget the card…

Paperchase, Wilkinson 
and Scribbler all have a large selection of mother’s day cards. This book of 5 individual mother’s Day vouchers is the perfect gift to present to your Mum on mother’s Day and it can double up as a card and gift. It Includes a breakfast in bed voucher, personal washing and ironing service voucher, a home cooked meal voucher and two blank write your own vouchers. They’re only £1 – get yours here.

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Recycled Gifts
Recycled Gifts

A really good range of gifts for Mothers Day but if you are looking for something a little bit more unique then have a look away from the traditional high street companies like Not on the High Street and Go Eco Store

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