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Cheap Hearing Aid Alternative – The TV 2400

Please note that the TV 2400 has now been replaced with the updated TV 2500.

If your hearing is starting to wane it can be a big decision as to whether its worth spending £1500+ on a hearing aid. That’s quite a hefty price if all you want is to be able to hear your television without deafening the rest of the family!

That’s where the TV 2400 by amplicomms could be the saving grace to your loved ones hearing and your wallet! The device promises to boost your listening experience while those around you are able to enjoy television or music without risking permanent damage to their hearing.


The TV 2400 – How it works

The TV 2400 Wireless Listener fits snugly into the ears with a little receiver unit that hangs just below the chin.  A separate base unit – that doubles as a charging cradle for the headset – then connects to whatever audio device you want to listen to.

It comes with a number of connectors: there is a standard 3.5mm headphone plug for hooking up to music players and the like, a SCART connector for the TV and an RCA or phono (separate red and white plugs) for audio-visual equipment that doesn’t have a SCART outlet.

If all of this fails, there is a microphone that can be stuck to a speaker grill in order to capture the audio.

When we think of hearing aids, one of the principal concerns for a hearing device is size and discretion. This device is anything but discreet – when you first attach it to your ears, the receiver unit seems to hang quite heavy under your chin and it is fairly obvious to everyone around you that you need a little electronic assistance. However, for the purpose of home use, where family members are most likely already aware of your impairment it is the perfect solution for those whose hearing is beginning to deteriorate but are not yet ready to consult an audiologist. If you think of this device as ‘something to help you to enjoy the telly better’ it’s more likely to gain acceptance.


Set Up

It takes just a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the TV 2400. Once you’ve selected the right connector and switched it on, it’s all fairly plain sailing from there. Do be warned though that it is possible to turn the volume up extremely high: heed the advice that on full volume the headset could damage the hearing of a child or an adult with normal hearing. In fact, amplicomms say that the volume can be as loud as 120dB.

There is also a variety of tone settings in case the user needs treble, bass or both boosting to suit their particular hearing needs. The device also comes equipped with its own microphone in case you want to converse with those around you without having to remove the buds from your ears. The rechargeable battery lasts for around five hours.  Provided that you remember to put it back on its cradle when you’re finished with it, it shouldn’t let you down in the middle of a blockbuster movie. And the base unit has an extra charging slot for a spare battery, though our sample didn’t come with an extra power pack.


Our Review

Our feeling is that music purists will not find the audio reproduction of their favourite Beethoven symphony to be sufficiently faithful. If you’re looking for high-end music quality headphones, the market is already well supplied. But listening to an audiobook, speech radio or watching your favourite TV soaps is much more the territory of the TV 2400.

Connected to the SCART outlet of the TV it was possible to enhance listening volume while leaving everybody else with a comfortable level of sound. Given that the festive season is a time when generations mix and, for once, partake of the same viewing experience, we can quite see the appeal.

Don’t, though, be tempted to cut corners by not hard-wiring this listening device into the audio equipment. Using the external microphone next to the TV speaker proved to be a pretty unsatisfactory experience: at low volume it failed to register the audio signal which necessitated turning up the volume sufficiently loud that the non-hearing-impaired would have started to complain.



For what it is, the TV 2400 TV 2500 is a reasonably-priced alternative to more sophisticated and more expensive alternatives. It retails for just £119 from hearing direct.


Where to get one

The TV 2400 TV 2500 is available from:


Tip From Our Tester

When I first plugged the TV 2400 into my iPhone to try out some music, I thought that I had switched the left and right channels because my left ear is 20% worse than my right.  But having checked with my assistant – who I assume has perfect hearing – there was a pronounced imbalance favouring the left channel on the sample model provided.  Fortunately, it is possible to equalise the volume in both ears.

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This seems like a useful alternative to a hearing aid.

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