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Cheap ways to maintain a magnificent beard

Beards have never been more popular. If you’re thinking about growing one yourself, now is a great time. But having a stunning beard doesn’t have to break the bank – growing and caring for your beard can be inexpensive. Whether you’re looking for a little goatee or a truly epic beard that would make Gandalf jealous, it pays to be aware of the best advice and guidance to ensure that you get that handsome look you’re going for without spending a fortune on expensive tools and products. Here are our cheap tips for growing and maintaining a fantastic beard.


1. Choose a smart time to grow your beard

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There is obviously no initial expense to growing a beard but it’s important to remember that timing is everything. Beards are at their worst in the early growing stages; not only do they look a little ragged and patchy, they can also leave your face feeling itchy. That means you need to consider an appropriate time to get started. Try waiting for a long weekend or a holiday to get the growth started. Just remember to not start growing just before an important job interview or a meeting.


2. Be patient

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Thankfully, the one key element of growing a great beard is completely free; patience. After you’ve achieved a decent level of growth – perhaps two weeks or so into the beard – you’ll have the urge to begin trimming or styling. At this point it would be a mistake. This is because individual hairs will grow at different rates; that means if you like the length after two weeks, what you like is the length of the longest hairs. You need to wait another couple of weeks to let the beard grow out properly. When you have achieved a uniform length and thickness, you can begin to style properly.


3. Wash your beard

Man washing his beard/chin

Do you wash your hair? Yes – and you should wash your beard too. It’s one of the things that may not occur to the new beard grower. But keeping your beard clean will not only keep it in better condition but can also reduce itchiness in the early weeks. Of course you could spend money on an expensive beard wash, but many of these won’t do much more for your beard than regular shampoo, so if you’re sticking to a budget, there’s no need to splash out.


4. Have it professionally styled

Barber styling mans beard

Just as it’s a great idea to wash your beard, it’s also smart to have it professionally styled, just like having your hair cut. This is one element of beard growth that it’s definitely worth paying for every so often. Professional barbers will be able to transform your beard into something stylish and well-groomed. Why not book a beard design experience through Into the Blue – where you’ll discuss what you want to do with a professional stylist who will then proceed to sculpt a stunning beard for you. If you’re going to spend your money anywhere, it should be on styling.


5. Use beard oil

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Another essential product for anyone growing out a beard is beard oil. The popularity of beards has triggered a huge rise in the number of producers, so you’ll be able to find a fantastic range of oils to suit you. Beard oils are used to make your beard softer and ensure the hairs are in fantastic condition. Thankfully, these oils are inexpensive and found everywhere, so don’t hesitate to pick some up.


6. Learn the art of trimming

Man using electric beard trimmer

It’s important to learn how to trim your beard. If you’ve got a beard trimmer, you need to get used to the various settings and find one that suits you. If you don’t have a trimmer yet, it’s definitely something you’ll want to look at purchasing. Unless you are planning to grow out something truly epic then a trimmer is an essential – although if you’re sticking to a budget you can always opt for the scissors instead.


7. Deal with stray hairs

Man trimming his beard

Keep your beard in check by brushing regularly. But if you keep finding stray longer hairs that won’t tuck away neatly, it’s nothing to worry about. Different hairs grow at different rates so it can be a smart idea to simply get out some scissors and rid yourself of any offenders.


8. Moisturise your face

Man using moisturiser on his face

Don’t forget that you still have skin under your beard. That means it’s still important to moisturise and take care of your face. Any regular moisturiser will be fine – there’s no need to fork out on expensive ones designed for your beard; many are just repackaging very similar products.


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