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Christmas Spending – Cheaper and better Christmas

One of the best things about the Net has to be the way you can get such good tips from so many people. I’m really impressed by some of the tips and ideas on our messageboards – some great answers to really good questions there – and there are lots of other forums with helpful ideas too. With Christmas coming up, we need all the help we can get. Our fortnightly newsletter will be guiding you through every step Christmas spending – sign up if haven’t done so already.


” I know that we used to be given a large turkey and i was eating it for weeks in various guises. Now i buy a smaller one.”

Good point, I said. Why spend too much money on too much food that is going to be a burden to finish and could put weight on that you don’t need so that you have to spend money in January joining a gym to work it off again? Crazy!

My thoughts on having a leaner and more digestible Christmas are:

  1. go for one big meal a day and just small amounts for the other two meals (small but special with a few ‘treat’ items like smoked salmon or trifle or whatever you can afford);
  2. remember that the shops are only closed for a couple of days (and in cities there are usually corner shops open even then) so you don’t have to ‘stock up for winter’ in the way that our mothers used to do;
  3. shop at markets rather than supermarkets where possible as they are generally 30% cheaper and at Christmas (particularly Christmas Eve) they often sell Christmas things off for pennies just to get rid of them;
  4. do a meal plan beforehand for the days around Christmas so that you only actually buy what you need and no more.
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“I’m one of those who is on a really tight budget permanently. Can you recommend ways I could get Christmas sorted, or a way to save money that would still permit some quality of life?”

As we show in this article on how to afford Christmas, there are a lot of ways you can do it – both by increasing your income over this period  and by coming up with cheap or free alternatives.

There are some bargains to be had in some of the department stores and pound shops right now and when times are hard (and even when they’re not, actually) it’s often better to give friends and family the gift of your time and your skills rather than the usual chocolates, bath stuff or books.

Something a little creative that has more of ‘you’ in it (a free massage, a special dinner, a few free babysittings etc) is usually so much more acceptable…and so much cheaper!

We’d love to hear more of your excellent tips for having a smarter, leaner, lighter Christmas so do give us the benefit of your wisdom and experience in the comments below

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