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Chocolate with benefits

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Doisy&Dam choc, photo: Sarah Lockett

Doisy&Dam choc, photo: Sarah Lockett

My guilty secret at the moment is chocolate: a little bit, every day, seems to set me up and get me through the afternoon. I only see it as a problem if it leads me to crave more and more. Which I don’t. And I don’t have to have it every day, as some people do with, say, coffee or booze.

I’ve discovered a brand of chocolate with unusual added healthy ingredients, some of which I’d never heard of (I’ll get drummed out of the Guild of Food Writers at this rate, for failing to know my obscure ingredients). The ones that foxed me were lucuma (a South American fruit), maca (a ginseng-type root) and cacao nibs (cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken up). In these cute Doisy&Dam chocolate bars (100g or 40g) they’re combined with 74% organic dark chocolate, in just the right proportions, so as to be able to taste them, but not overpower. There are five superfood flavour combinations in the Doisy&Dam range and I’ve tested them all: they’re all really gorgeous but here’s the breakdown:

Coconut and Lucuma – nibbly bits of dessicated coconut and the slight fruit of the lucuma

Mulberries, chia seeds and spirulina – chewy, tangy-sweet dried berries and the protein/crunch of chia

Goji and orange – subtle, smooth, not too in-your-face

Ginger, chilli flakes and hemp seeds – quite spicy and the chilli catches in your teeth a bit like dried leaves (!)

Maca, vanilla and cacao nibs – never had cacao nibs before but they’re less teeth-breaking than you’d expect. I like that there’s something to crunch on afterwards – healthy too!

All the range have about 8-9% protein per 100g, which is higher than the usual 5% for dark chocolate, so these will actually keep you satisfied for longer. Plus all the vits etc will do you good! They’re available from Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Ocado, as well as online at – RRP £3.99 for a 100g bar.

PS: if you tweet or Instagram @doisyanddam a selfie with your choc, including the hashtag #superdelicious, you could win their weekly Superfood Choc giveaway!

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