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Nov 17

Christmas on a Budget: Cheap but Thoughtful Gifts for Coffee-Lovers

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The best part about Christmas for many people is the giving and receiving of gifts. But if like many you’re feeling the pinch this year, your gift-getting budget might be a little smaller than usual. The good news is, that’s perfectly fine. In a world that’s increasingly driven by materialism and social media shows of having the latest thing, it can be all too easy to forget that it’s actually the thought that counts. A gift doesn’t have to cost a lot for it to be appreciated, useful, and memorable. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, a gift that considers somebody’s passions, hobbies, and interests is more important than the price tag. So, what are some inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts to get the coffee aficionado in your life?


A Gift Card for Their Favourite Coffee

A cup of coffee is one of the most thoughtful gifts that any coffee-lover can receive. Knowing that you’ve taken the time to consider where their favourite coffee is from is something that definitely won’t go unappreciated. Since coffee shops aren’t usually open on Christmas morning, one of the best ways to give this gift is with a gift card or voucher, so that your lucky recipient can treat themselves to their favourite drink whenever they want to. You can buy a Caffe Nero gift card online and send it straight to your friend or relative’s email where they can redeem it. Get your gift card here: https://www.giftsvouchers.co.uk/gift-cards/caffe-nero.


Coffee Pods

Does your friend or relative love coffee so much that they have their own pod coffee machine? Being able to make your favourite drinks from home can be fantastic, but anybody who has a pod coffee machine knows that the price of buying the pods can quickly add up. But as a gift, they can be relatively inexpensive at under £5 for a pack, and there are loads of options to choose from. You really can’t go wrong with treating somebody to caramel latte pods or their favourite brand of cappuccino to make at home.


A Personalised Coffee Mug

Personalised gifts are always thoughtful no matter what you spend on them because they’re so unique to the recipient. If you’re buying for somebody who loves coffee, what better gift is there than their own special mug to enjoy their favourite morning drink from? You can get mugs that have their name and a message printed on them, whether you want to leave them a little thoughtful and encouraging message to read every morning or a joke to make them laugh. Photo mugs are another inexpensive yet really thoughtful gift idea to give just about anybody in your life. A photo of you together or even their favourite photo of their pet is sure to put a smile on their face on Christmas morning.

This year, inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts are set to be on the up with COVID-19 leaving lots of us tightening our purse strings. If you’re buying for somebody who loves their coffee, there are plenty of gifts to consider that don’t break the bank but will be really appreciated.


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