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Cottons restaurant review

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There’s a new and colourful restaurant in the heart of Notting Hill.

It’s in the spirit of the famous Notting Hill Carnival and it’s a Caribbean-style, fusion restaurant called Cottons.

It has very colourful walls, particularly outside which brightens up Notting Hill Gate as you walk towards Holland Park. It is lively, fun and a good place for cocktails and food.


The food at Cottons

Cottons Restaurant

Scallop Ceviche (£8)

Cottons serves a Caribbean fusion-style selection of dishes with panache and, often, edible flowers to decorate!

We wanted to try different things so to start we had the Mezze Platter (£7) which included Accra, Aubergine choka, creole shrimps and pholoutie. we also had Scallop Ceviche (£8) with green mango, scotch bonnet and tigers milk. They were all delightful and a fascinating mix of sweet and sour, hot and cool.

The main dishes are a fascinating read. We could have had curried crab and commeal dumplings (£18) or Pan roasted guava glazed duck breast (£14) or Guyanese 48 hour slow cooked beef pepper pot (£17) for example. They also have some fantastic-looking fish dishes such as spiced coconut Bouillabaise (£18) and Cottons signature Fish ad Seafood Platter (£26.50) .

cottons restaurant

Jerk Chicken Pieces (£7)

However, we went for a selection of sharing plates including Jerk chicken pieces (£7), Callalloo & Onion (£6.50), Curried Mutton (7.50) and a side order of rainbow chard with citrus vinaigrette (£3).

This was a good combination with a mix of spice and citrus. The portions were good too so that we were able to take some home in a ‘doggie bag’.

It all felt like a healthy meal with well cooked and well spiced meat plus some dark green and tasty vegetables to go with it.

For dessert I had a delicious plate of exotic fruits which I ordered ‘off menu’ and my friend had a truly impressive, and really scrumptious, milk chocolate mousse with ginger and lemon curd (£6.50). That was a fascinating mixture of tastes and textures. It would never have occurred to either of us to put thick lemon curd and pieces of ginger with a milk chocolate mousse…but it will now! Highly recommended.

Cottons Restaurant

Exotic Fruits Plate (Off-Menu)


The drinks at Cottons

Neither my guest nor I drink so we opted for one of the Cottons lovely fruit cocktails, complete with fruit and flowers as decoration.

However, Cottons is known for its impressive selection of rums and rum-based cocktails. In fact the place is now as much a cocktail venue as it is a food destination. The bar at the front has tall stools and regularly has attractive-looking people sipping rum and tasting nibbles.



Frankly, Cottons has a party atmosphere most of the time. It’s lively,

REVIEW-ONLY_MoneyMagpie_Cottons-Restaurant (3)

Milk chocolate mousse with ginger and lemon curd (£6.50)

quite noisy when there are a few people in and, if you like reggae music, has a party beat.

They also have a special party room downstairs that you can hire for events day or evening. Check it out as it’s a happening place to have a ‘do’.


want to go there?

Cottons at Notting Hill is part of a group of three Caribbean-style eateries in London. There’s one in Camden and one in Shoreditch. You can access information on all of them here.

For the Notting Hill one, the address is:

157-159 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3LF
T: 0207 243 0090

It’s open from 5pm-11pm weekdays and 10am-11pm at weekends.


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