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Easter eggs – Tried and Tested

Want to know the best value, most beautiful looking Easter eggs this year?

We used our chocolate eating eggs-pertise (sorry..) to find you the very best chocolatey treats on offer.

We tested a host of yummy chocolate eggs for you again…it’s a tough job…so that you can snap up the tastiest Easter treats, at the very best price.

It was sooo hard for us, and we may be a bit heavier as a result, but someone had to do it!


How we tested the easter eggs

Toddler with chocolate all over their face

We tested using the following criteria – we’re professional chocolate scoffers don’t you know!

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Value for money

So after all that here’s out pick of the best Easter eggs available this year.


Best value Luxury easter egg picks

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get the best eggs on the market then look no further…

Chococo Easter Egg range

Chococo Easter Egg Range

Chococo Studded Easter Egg Collection Inside

Taste and presentation: We love the Chococo range. The award-winning, artisan chocolatier this year has a collection of single origin milk and dark chocolates eggs studded inside with surprises, We tried the Dinosaur Egg, the Madagascar Mega Milk and the Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean. The quality of the chocolate and craftsmanship shines through in each. Anyone who appreciates good chocolate, delicate flavours and proper craftsmanship would appreciate one of these eggs. 

Chococo Egg Range

Value for money:  At £10.95 each these are mid-range price, particularly as the eggs are not fully-filled) but they are worth it for the quality of the chocolate and the classy look.


green and black’s organic range

Green and Blacks Organic Easter Egg

Taste and presentation: As always the packaging of Green and Black’s chocolate is simple and colourful. The organic chocolate range is know for it’s luxurious taste and we can assure you you won’t be disappointed in their range this year. From Butterscotch, to mint and even Sea salt – there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this range.

Value for money – We must say this is the only egg that comes with the same amount of extra chocolate as it does an egg. We think the price of £6.59 is worth the money if you’re a fan of this brand. Just don’t eat it all at once. Find this at Healthy Supplies here.


divine fair trade milk chocolate egg

Divine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Taste and presentation: Divine has a nice look to it because of the gold lettering and classy-looking boxes. The milk chocolate egg is simple but looks just right. If you (or your recipient) want to support cocoa farmers and make sure they are paid the proper rate then this is a good make to go for. The chocolate is very good too.

Value for money – It’s not the cheapest for its size but £3.49 feels reasonable when it’s to help the cocoa producers have a living wage. Find it, and other great Divine Easter eggs, at Healthy Supplies here


Best for the kids

dairyfine popping candy easter egg

Dairyfine popping candy chocolate Easter egg

Taste and presentation: This is a really fun-looking egg which is good for adults as well as children. It’s a change from the usual with actual sweets attached to the front of the egg. We liked the taste too – particularly those that enjoy sweets

Value for money – At £2.99 this is really good value. It has decent packaging, is a good size (200g) and looks solid and fun. Definitely worth the money. Pick this – and other fab and good value eggs, up at Aldi.


the cadbury’s range


Cadbury's Easter Eggs

Taste and presentation: Let’s face it, it’s all about the presentation. Easter eggs means Cadbury’s in the UK and all the supermarkets are full of their colourful products. Our favourites are the Dairymilk chick with buttons in, anything with Cadbury’s creme eggs (their 5-pack is good value) and the Caramel egg.

Value for money – Pick these up at your local supermarket and you are bound to get a good offer – often three for the price of two. You can’t go wrong with your younger relatives and friends.


cottage delight little lofty

Cottage Delight Little Lofty Chocolate Giraffe

Taste and presentation: This is a nice change on the usually chocolate bunny or chick. It’s a chocolate giraffe (we think) complete with white chocolate splodges. Jasmine likes it because her godson loves Giraffes so it’s perfect for him! The chocolate is good and apparently acceptable to vegetarians

Value for money – At £8.49 this is a little on the expensive side, although it comes in a very sturdy container from Lakeland and is wrapped in pretty cellophane.


Best non-chocolate easter eggs

So, you’re bored of chocolate or (weird) you don’t actually like chocolate, here are some Eastertastic alternatives.

Paskagg – large, filled Easter Egg

Sweet filled Easter Egg

This is a traditional Swedish Easter egg – not edible (apart from the sweets inside) but prettily decorated and a great gift that will last.

Taste: the sweets inside are the kind of thing any kid would enjoy – a pick’n’mix of marshmallows, Daim bars, gum drops and lots more.

Presentation: This egg looks lovely when you first get it. The fact that it is made of sturdy card and has a cute picture around it makes it an impressive gift.

Value for money: It’s £9 which is certainly more than a basic supermarket chocolate egg. You would expect to pay no more than £3-4 for the sweets inside but the egg itself is a gift to treasure for years so worth it in that sense. Still a couple of pounds more than we expected though.


Haribo Chick’n’mix

Haribo Chick n Mix

Taste and Presentation: This cute, chick-shaped gift box filled with bunny and lamb shaped jellies, tangy chicks, Starmix’s favourite Egg and,flower shaped squishy marshmallows looks great and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Value for money: At £2 this is just right for a present for kids that you know love Haribo (and who doesn’t!)


Marshmallow animals!

Marshmallow animals in old fashioned jar

Taste and presentation: Here’s something very different for Easter – lots of soft, fluffy, animal-shaped marshmallows in an old-fashioned sweet shop-style plastic jar. Pastel-coloured rabbit and duck shapes fill the jar and it’s great for Easter parties and presents

Value for money: We think £6.99 is reasonable for this because the jar is sturdy and will be fun to use for storing all sorts of colourful items once the contents are eaten.

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