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Easter eggs 2018 – Tried and Tested

Want to know the best value, most beautiful looking Easter eggs this year?

We used our chocolate eating eggs-pertise to find you the very best chocolatey treats on offer!

We tested a host of yummy chocolate eggs for you again…it’s a tough job…so that you can snap up the tastiest Easter treats, at the very best price.

It was sooo hard for us, and we may be a bit heavier as a result, but someone had to do it!


How we tested the easter eggs

Toddler with chocolate all over their face

We tested using the following criteria – we’re professional chocolate scoffers don’t you know!

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Value for money

So after all that here’s out pick of the best Easter eggs available this year.


Best value Luxury eggs

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get the best eggs on the market then look no further…

Iceland’s Milk Chocolate Egg With Sparkling Bronze Lustre and Prosecco Truffles – (£12 £10)


Milk chocolate egg decorated with bronze coloured powder and milk chocolate with Prosecco flavoured white chocolate truffle centres, dusted with icing sugar.

Presentation: Well, there is luxury and then there’s Luxury! This egg looks seriously fancy. It comes in clear plastic and gold packaging and a very classy looking box of truffles in the bottom. You could take these out and give them as a gift on their own (not that you’d want to share then though!).

Taste: They called it smooth and they weren’t lying, it’s also not disappointingly thin or soft like some eggs (we had to give it quite a bash to crack it open!).

Value for money: At £10 down from £12 this egg may not be the cheapest but it’s reduced and it’s pretty big (440g), PLUS you get a box of prosecco truffles in the mix so you’re getting a fair amount for your money and boy does it look good. Perfect for those who fancy a bit of luxury. Give kids the cheap eggs (all they care about it getting some choccy) and get this one for yourself as a little reward!

finest* Caramelised Hazelnut Egg (£8 from tesco)

Tesco Finest* Caramelised Hazelnut Egg

Hollow Belgian milk chocolate, gianduja and hazelnuts egg, half coated with caramelised hazelnuts.

Presentation: The pictures of this egg don’t do it justice, it definitely looks far more spectacular in person. It comes in a fancy silver box topped with black bow and just looks really sophisticated and fancy.

Taste: Smooth and sumptuous, this egg has the added bonus of crispy hazelnut pieces throughout to give it a great texture. Lovers of nuts and praline will probably find this as delicious as we did.

Value for money: You have to pay extra for luxury, that’s a fact of life. But you’re paying more more for superior quality. For £8 this 240g egg is definitely worth spending that bit extra on if you’ve got some cash to spare.


Divine Luxury 70% Dark Chocolate Egg with Salted Mini Caramel Eggs (£10 from ocado)

NEW Divine Luxury 70% Dark Chocolate Egg with Salted Mini Caramel Eggs

Brand new for 2018 is this deliciously rich egg. A 70% dark chocolate shell is paired with salted caramel mini eggs for a truly luxurious treat. Perfect for chocolate connoisseurs and those looking to give a special gift.

Presentation: This egg lives up to it’s Luxury title in a bright but subtle box. The mini eggs are found in a section at the bottom –  a nice little surprise.

Taste: The good quality smooth dark chocolate and sweet salted caramel mini eggs are a great combination.

Value for money: At £10 this egg is at the top end of our price scale. It’s an egg for those looking for luxury over quantity this Easter. If you’d rather have one great quality egg instead of 3 mediocre quality eggs then this is the one for you. Your waist-line will probably thank you too!


Divine Chocolate Flavoured Eggs (£5 from ocado)

Divine Chocolate Flavoured Eggs

A new take on classic flavours to appeal to chocolate lovers. Divine chocolate flavoured eggs come in; rich dark with mint crisp (a dark rich velvety chocolate studded with the crunch of cool natural peppermint crisp) and Smooth milk with orange (seriously smooth milk chocolate, infused with zesty natural orange).

Presentation: These eggs come in luxurious looking boxes in a colour that matches their flavour and gold.

Taste: We tried the Tangy Orange flavour. The orange flavour comes through straight away and give the chocolate a delicious tang. This is the only flavoured chocolate egg we’ve tried and it was a delicious change to plain milk or dark chocolate.

Value for money: At £5 for 100g these eggs are small for their price but they are a bit of luxury for those that want quality over quantity. What you lose in weight you gain in flavour. These flavour infused chocolate eggs are definitely a bit of a niche and we haven’t seen others like them.


Buttermilk DARK CHOCOLATE HONEYCOMB EGG (£8 at Waitrose)


This dark chocolate egg has been combined with honeycomb to create a beautifully rich egg with a little crunch throughout. Drizzled with white chocolate for decoration, this egg hides a surprise – crack it open to reveal a bag caramel sea salt honeycomb dipped in dark chocolate. Made with real honey and a dash of sea salt.

Presentation: If you’re looking for artisan style luxury then this is the egg for you. The un-laminated box definitely adds a bit of class with soft muted colours. The egg itself looks pretty classy too with simple but striking white chocolate decoration.

Taste: We aren’t a HUGE fan of dark chocolate but if you like a bit of the plain stuff then we’re sure you’ll love this egg. There are chunks of honeycomb actually in the eggs shell which is a really nice twist and something we haven’t seen in other eggs. The chocolate covered honeycomb chunks inside are also divine!

Value for money: At £8 this isn’t a CHEAP egg, but then “Luxury” and “cheap” are really rather mutually exclusive. If you want something a bit special and are willing to pay a few extra pounds for superior quality, then this is the egg for you.


Best for Adults

Iceland’s Luxury Dark Chocolate Egg With Gold Chocolate Malted Decoration (£5)


Dark chocolate egg decorated with milk chocolate coated malt balls covered with gold coloured powder.

Presentation: Iceland nail it again with the luxury packaging and presentation. The clear plastic and gold packaging and inset gold balls on the font of the egg just make it look so fancy. Whoever receives this egg is going to know how classy you think they are. This is an egg for all those adults who deserve a little treat.

Taste: Dark chocolate is very fashionable this year. If you prefer your chocolate plain then we think you’ll really like the flavour of this egg. It’s bitter, like all dark choc is, but not overpoweringly so and the balls add a nice crunch to the mix. If you’re not a dark chocolate fan they also do a milk chocolate version.

Value for money: £5 is about mid-range when it comes to eggs but we’d say the overall size and presentation of this egg definitely makes it look worth more than that. Definitely good value for money.


Moser Roth Truffle Tin (£4.99 £3.99 from aldi)

Aldi - Moser Roth Truffle Tin

For a touch of extra indulgence, pick up one of the Moser Roth Truffle Tin. These beautifully presented tins are filled with individually wrapped truffles. Choose from Marc de Champagne or Salted Caramel flavour.

Presentation: Unlike traditional moulded chocolate eggs, these mini eggs come in their own fancy tin which just adds to their whole classy aesthetic.

Taste: We tried the Marc de Champagne flavour. These beautiful delicate truffles have a subtle champagne flavour that doesnt overpower but gives them a hint of class and sophistication. Perfect for that classy friend who loves a bit of posh.

Value For Money: At £4.99 £3.99 (reduced as of 17/03/2018) it’s not the cheapest egg you could buy, but it will definitely show someone how much you value them and the quality really is reflected in the price.


finest* 70% Dark Chocolate Egg (£5 from tesco)

Tesco Finest* Dark Chocolate Egg

Hollow Belgian dark chocolate egg decorated with white chocolate and freeze dried raspberry pieces.

Presentation: This egg really does look as good in person as it does in the picture. The freeze dried raspberries make it look seriously classy. It comes in a fancy silver box with a black ribbon on the top and looks expensive. Perfect if you’re trying to score some brownie points with that special someone.

Taste: Plain chocolate can be a bit of an acquire taste but if you love a bit of the dark stuff then this is the egg for you. Perfectly rich and smooth with a delicious raspberry crunch, you wont be left with a sticky sickly taste in your mouth if you eat it in one sitting!

Value for money: £5 is a really reasonable price for an egg that looks so luxurious. The quality is definitely worth the cost.


Best for the kids

dairyfine Curious Inventions easter egg (£2.99 from aldi)

Aldi - Dairyfine Curious Inventions Easter Eggs

For a creative and fun twist, check out the Curious Inventions Easter Egg, the perfect pick for the bigger kids this Easter. These really funky milk chocolate eggs come in 3 different flavours; Popping Candy, Rocky Road or this year’s new addition, Honeycomb.

Presentation: This is a really fun-looking egg which is good for adults as well as children. It’s a change from the usual with actual sweets attached to the front of the egg.

Taste: We tried the popping candy version. The combination of smooth milk chocolate and tangy sweets was really nice – particularly good for those that enjoy sweets. And what child doesn’t love making their mouth crackle with popping candy – you’ll be sure to see some happy faces with this egg.

Value for money – At £2.99 this is really good value. It was packaged well, is a good size (200g) and looks solid and fun. Definitely worth the money. It definitely looks worth far more than £3! Pick this – and other fab and good value eggs, up at Aldi.


Doug The Dinosaur (£3.50 from Tesco)

Tesco Doug the Dinosaur Easter chocolate figurine

Belgian milk chocolate dinosaur decorated with Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian white chocolate.

Presentation: Packaged like most chocolate figurines, Doug comes in a clear plastic casing and looks striking with green coloured chocolate details.

Taste: Lovely smooth creamy chocolatey flavour. Maybe not quite as nice as Thorntons or other more expensive brands but your kids wont notice the difference.

Value for money: At just £3.50 each this is a great value for money; just think, you’d pay double the price for something similar from Thorntons!


Best smaller Treats

Moser Roth Doubly Divine Easter Eggs (£1.49 £0.99 from Aldi)

Aldi - Moser Roth Doubly Divine Easter Eggs

Indulge with the Moser Roth Doubly Divine Easter Eggs. Filled with individually wrapped Belgian chocolate Easter eggs, these delicious chocolates come in two different duo-fillings: Belgian milk chocolate, half-filled with gooey caramel and a smooth hazelnut praline, and a Belgian dark chocolate egg, filled with zingy raspberry compote and hazelnut praline.

Presentation: These come simply packaged in a small decorated plastic bag and coloured foil wrapping. If you’re looking for something small and subtle these are perfect.

Taste: These little eggs are rich and full of flavour. The sweet milk chocolate caramel eggs and the zingy dark chocolate and raspberry eggs are a delicious contrast sure to liked by all.

Value For Money: You don’t get a lot in the bag but we doubt you would want to eat too many of these as their rich flavour is best enjoyed in smaller quantities. At £1.49 £0.99 (reduced as of 17/03/2018) we think these are great as a fancy little treat for your more sophisticated friends and relatives.


Divine Milk Chocolate Small Egg (£3)

Divine Milk Chocolate Small Egg

Simply a thickly delicious shell of seriously smooth milk chocolate. Perfect for little appetites.

Presentation: This sweet little egg comes wrapped in gold foil in an attractive blue and gold box.

Taste: Delicate smooth milk chocolate for those who like to keep it simple.

Value for money: £3 may seem a bit pricey for such a little egg, but they do say the best things come in small packages. Another luxury product from Divine, this is the perfect egg for someone who is on a diet or as baby’s first Easter egg. It is small, but it’s also high quality so it depends what your priorities are.


Best non-chocolate easter eggs

So, you’re bored of chocolate or you don’t actually like chocolate (weird), here are some Eastertastic alternatives

Haribo Chick’n’mix (£2)

Haribo Chick n Mix

Back for 2018, HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is a cute gift box filled with tangy chicks, Starmix’s favourite Egg and pink and white squishy mini marshmallows – tweet, tweet!

Presentation: This cute, chick-shaped gift box filled with jelly sweets and marshmallows looks great and the bright bold colours and fun design are sure to please any little one.

Taste: We all know and trust Haribo for quality and these sweets are no exception. 

Value for money: At £2 this is just right for a present for kids that you know love Haribo (and who doesn’t!).


Haribo Bunny ‘n’ Friends (£1)

HARIBO Bunny 'n' Friends Box

The Haribo Bunny ‘n’ Friends gift box makes a perfect Easter gift, containing cute bunny, sheep and chick shaped sweets all wrapped up in a bunny shaped gift box. A great alternative to chocolate for kiddies who prefer sweeties to chocolate.

Presentation: Really cute and fun. This Easter treat is packaged in a sweet bunny shaped box which is sure to get your little ones feeling the spirit of the holiday.

Taste: Haribo is renowned for its great quality products and the Bunny ‘n’ Friends box does not disappoint with its gummy sweets that are juicy and full of flavour.

Value for money: At £1 this is the perfect gift for people on a budget. It definitely looks like its worth much more than £1.


Best Dairy Free Eggs

Moo Free Easter Egg (£3.49 from aldi)

Aldi - Moo Free Easter Egg

Easter can be a really rubbish time of year if you’re unfortunate to be lactose intolerant. Luckily Aldi’s dairy-free Moo Free Easter Egg is free-from dairy – but no free-from taste; Available in honeycomb, orange or classic chocolate flavour.

Presentation: Presented in a standard Easter egg box that is sure to help those lactose-intolerant people feel involved in the festivities.

Taste: We tried the plain milk chocolate flavour. It does have a curious taste,still lovely and chocolatey though. We felt we wouldn’t have noticed a difference if we hadn’t just eaten a load of normal chocolate! Although we didn’t try them we think the honeycomb and orange may be the best choices to mask any unusual flavour.

Value For Money: As most of us know, special dietary foods do tend to come at a slightly higher price so this Moo Free Easter Egg is a pleasant surprise at just £3.49. Definitely worth the money so everyone can be included this Easter regardless of their dietary needs.



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