Mar 27

Easter is becoming like Christmas

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It was the mini ‘Easter crackers’ that I saw in Tescos the other day (£3 for a pack of 8 in case you’re interested!) that finally sealed it for me. Easter is actually becoming like Christmas. Not only are we now forced to give eggs or chocolaty-stuff to any children we know and stuff ourselves with lamb and all the trimmings on Easter Sunday, but there are now even Christmas-style decorations (an Easter wreath, ornamental eggs to hang on branches for example) and now even Easter crackers.

It really is crackers…or rather creeping commercialism. As if Christmas weren’t bad enough, we’re being duped into over-spending at Easter too. That’s certainly the way shops and manufacturers seem to want to make it.

We’ve been testing out chocolate eggs and Easter edibles generally and we’ve been struck by the ‘Christmassy’ nature of some of them.

For example, we’ve been sent a James Martin Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon Pudding mix which really look like an Easter version of Christmas pud. Then there’s the very cute little felt eggs on a ribbon hook that you hang on a branch from Past Times. Lovely little things, but aren’t those just an Easter version of Christmas tree decorations? Past Times also sent us an attractive ‘Easter garland’…just a Spring version of the Christmas wreath?

People have sent Easter cards to each other for years – at least if they’re religious. Now, it’s pretty much the thing whether you’re religious or not, to send a card with chicks or bunnies or flowers or something.

Give it a few years and the kids will be jumping up and down expecting not just a mountain of chocolate but a new bike, a Nintendo Wii, an XBox and a set of felt-tips. Just when we thought we’d begun to shake off the debt and over-indulgence of Christmas, if we don’t watch it we’ll be caught out by the new Easter commercialism. Sneaky!

Now, I will admit that I have scheduled some lovely Easter ecards to be sent to various friends and family from the ever-lovely But it isn’t costing me anything and it is just rather nice. I’m not against all the fluffy Easter prettiness – I really love this time of year. Spring is so full of hope and beauty. But there is no way I’m going to be burdened with the sense that I have to give anyone anything…at least anything more than a medium-sized Easter egg.

One thing I am thrilled about, though, is the fact that I’ll be getting a few days off over Easter. I have to say that that is the best part of it. Just the idea that I can rest, walk in the countryside (let’s hope for some sunshine!) and generally recharge is all the Easter present I need. Seeing family and friends is also a big bonus. In all honesty, isn’t that what we all want more than anything else – a rest, a break and some happy conversation with people we love?

Having said all that, though, I do love crackers…and those ones at Tesco looked really sweet…oh and they’re only £3…and I bet my family would have fun with them…oh, what the heck…


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