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Easter Lunch for 6 for under for £10

Lydia 13th Apr 2022 No Comments

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This Easter, we’ve challenged ourselves to find you an easter lunch for 6 for under £10. By forgoing the traditional easter lamb and opting for a chicken instead, you can save yourself big money! We’ve added up the prices at 5 supermarkets to find you the best deal for your Easter Day lunch.  Some even come with some spare change making them even nicer on your pockets. We’ve also included some meat alternatives for the vegan and vegetarians!


Chicken is a great cash saving alternative to your traditional Easter Lamb joint.  We’ve rounded up the cheapest supermarket chickens out there to feed a family of 6 on Easter Day.



Butcher’s selection Extra Large Chicken (Around 2.25kg) – £5.35



Birchwood British Extra Large Whole Chicken (Around 1.9 – 2.25kg) – £4.29



Ashfields British Extra Large Whole Chicken Without Giblets (2.25kg) – £4.19



Extra Large Whole Chicken (Around 2.15kg) – £4.99



British Fresh Extra-Large Chicken (Around 2.1 – 2.2kg) – £4.99


Meat Alternatives:


Plant Menu No Lamb Roasting Joint – £3.99



The Best Nut Roast – £3



Quorn Vegetarian Roast £2.50 – £3.00





Potatoes: ASDA Farm Stores White Potatoes 2.5kg – 91p

Carrots: ASDA Grower’s Selection Carrots 1kg – 20p

Cauliflower: ASDA Grower’s Selection Cauliflower – 82p

Broccoli: ASDA Grower’s Selection Broccoli – 20p



Veg Box – £1.50 contents vary



Potatoes: Nature’s Pick Potatoes 2kg – 39p

Carrots: Nature’s Pick Carrots 1kg – 19p

Cauliflower: Nature’s Pick Cauliflower – 39p

Broccoli: Nature’s Pick Broccoli – 47p



Potatoes: Morrisons White Potatoes 2.5kg – 99p

Carrots: Morrisons Carrots 1kg – 19p

Cauliflower: Morrisons Medium Cauliflower – 79p

Broccoli|: Morrisons Broccoli – 46p



Potatoes – British Baking Potatoes Loose – 55p/per kg

Carrots – British Carrots Loose – 40p/ per kg

Cauliflower – Sainsbury’s Cauliflower 89p- each

Broccoli – Sainsbury’s Broccoli Loose – 20p

Roast Chicken




ASDA Chicken Gravy Granules – 70p

ASDA 12 Yorkshire Puddings – 75p



Simply Yorkshire Puddings x 15 – 50p



Quixo for Chicken Gravy Granules – 85p

Just Like Grandma’s 12 Golden Yorkshire Puddings – 65p



Morrisons Chicken Gravy Granules – 75p

Morrisons 12 Yorkshire Puddings – 85p



Sainsbury’s Chicken Gravy Granules – 75p

Sainsbury’s Yorkshire Puddings x 12 – £1.20




Coming in at 1st place for the best value for money is Lidl at £6.29! This low-price option includes an extra-large chicken as well as a veg box. It should be noted that veg boxes can have different contents and are subject to availability. The price also doesn’t include gravy because we couldn’t find this online.

In 2nd place is Aldi at £6.97! If you don’t want the risk of not having cauliflower for your Easter Day feast this is a good option instead of the Lidl veg box. And with the leftover cash, you could buy some mini eggs and host an egg hunt for your kids.

Coming in at 3rd and 4th are Asda (8.93) and Sainsbury’s (£8.98) whilst their vegetables and extras are around the same price as Aldi and Lidl, it is the price of the chickens that make them more expensive.

In 5th place with the most expensive but still comes in under £10 is Morrisons. With more expensive veg and chicken, it topped the charts but is still coming in at a respectable £9.02. If shopping in-store you could knock the price down by picking loose vegetables rather than packaged.

Our top choices for an easter lunch for 6 for under for £10 are Aldi and Lidl.

Money-saving tips:

  1. Check your cupboards – before you head off to the shops do a sweep of your cupboard, you might already have some gravy granules in there.
  2. Frozen mixed veg can be even cheaper than fresh if you’re tight on cash, consider swapping to save a few extra pennies.
  3. Consider shopping the yellow stickers – if you’re willing to leave your easter shopping until a little later on Saturday, you might be able to get some yellow sticker discounts!
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