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Feb 22

Exclusive: A free copy of the GrantFairy scholarship app

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GrantFairy is a new app which helps students find grants and scholarships to pay for their university tuition fees and living expenses.


With the average graduate loan debt forecast to top £50,000 this year, student loans have become a major headache for young graduates.

GrantFairy finds you the scholarships which match your personal profile details, the course you are studying and the university you are studying at. You can change the details in your profile as often as you like, and we help you track your progress by monitoring the scholarships you’ve applied for and those you’ve won.

Want more? There’s a university guide to help you choose where to go, so it’s ideal for A Level students who haven’t decided which uni to go to or which course to study yet.


How it works

The app is available on iOS and Android, and is also available as a WebApp.

Students enter a handful of details to create a “personal profile” and the app produces a bespoke list of scholarships tailored to their personal circumstances — whether they’re studying Chinese at Chichester or Knitting at Nottingham (try saying that three times fast).


Claim your freebie

Grab your free copy of the app NOW…

Download the app here


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