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FairSquare – UK’s first fully independent multi-brand new/used car sales & finance platform

50% CARS. 50% FINANCE. 100% FAIR.

FairSquare is the refreshing one-stop-website for cars and finance which puts the consumer back in control with a 100% independent platform that is 100% customer driven.

Research proves that the traditional methods of buying and financing cars are proving dissatisfying for many consumers. A large number of consumers express a strong will for an alternative approach – an approach whereby the research and information can be made available conveniently – without the need for multiple visits to showrooms or to many different websites. An approach where finance information is made available in a purely objective and independent way, in understandable language and without being clouded by ties to finance companies and tempting commissions to sales people.

At, everything is available in one place:

– Cars: Thousands of new and used cars from most major brands, with market leading pre-negotiated discounts

– Finance: Available from a wide panel of lenders, and offering finance products to suit most credit profiles.

            o ‘Soft’ searches are conducted for browsing of cars and finance payments tailored to the customers’ personal credit profile, which means zero-impact on credit ratings.

            o   Only fixed commissions are paid to FairSquare by its finance partners with no other incentives, so FairSquare does not promote one finance offer over another.

– Information: 100% independent and always delivered in simple language with one clear priority – the customer’s best interests. No confusion, no difficulty in understanding whether the offer is a fair deal – just clear information tailored to customers’ needs.

– Convenience: everything from browsing multiple brands and choosing the car, to filling out one simple application and receiving multiple lender finance offers, deciding on a finance offer and taking home delivery of the car, can be done from the comfort of the home and fully online.

Paul BartleyFairSquare was established by a small group of car enthusiasts who wanted to address their collective frustrations when buying new and used cars. Furthermore, their research showed that many people, like them, felt uncomfortable with the traditional methods of buying and financing a new or used car.

Led by industry finance expert of 30 years, Paul Bartley, the FairSquare team has developed the UK’s first fully independent platform for financing and purchasing cars, new and used, and all available in one place. FairSquare’s overriding aim is to give customers the information and power to purchase a fair deal, in a completely unpressurised environment, from the comfort of their own home.


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