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Five ways to save money building a pool

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It is the dream of many homeowners to have their own private pool in their garden. A fantastic feature piece for your home, a relaxing space for your family to enjoy and an investment in your property, a pool is one of the ultimate symbols of luxury. There’s usually only one thing that stops people getting a stunning new pool built: the cost.

There is no doubt that having your dream pool constructed can be expensive and there are certain costs that there is no way to get around. However, a swimming pool doesn’t actually have to be as costly as you might imagine and there are some tips that can help you save money while you have it constructed. Here are five key ways that you can save yourself cash while you construct!

1. Consider location carefully

The first thing to note about your pool is that you need to think very carefully about the location – it can make a huge different to the initial cost and ongoing maintenance of your pool. It might look dramatic and picturesque to place your pool in the shade of a tree, but doing so can be problematic for a number of reasons. Firstly, you are more likely to have challenges with roots encroaching on the space you have allocated for the pool. Secondly, the shade from the tree will stop the sunlight from hitting the pool, meaning you will need to spend more energy heating it. Additionally, trees, and other detritus from trees, can drop into the pool, which will cause you to spend more money on cleaning.

It’s also worth noting that the distance from your house can be important in terms of reducing costs relating to both energy and water. It is definitely worth discussing your project through with professionals before you decide where it is going to be situated.

2. Choose a one-piece pool

Many homeowners looking to invest in a pool will assume that their only option is a concrete construction. However, while they are still the most common form of pool construction, they certainly are not the most cost-effective. It’s a much better idea to choose a one-piece pool, commonly made from fibreglass but also available in other materials including ceramic composite.

One-piece pools are prefabricated in one piece and then delivered to your home. Here they are craned into a previously excavated hole. They are cheaper in the installation phase because they are far faster to install and avoid many of the challenges with concrete pool construction. But crucially they require almost no on-going work, whereas concrete pools will require regular maintenance.

Get a few different quotes for the work from inground pool construction specialists that offer one-piece swimming pools, and you will find that in both the short and long term, these are far cheaper options.

3. It doesn’t need to be Olympic-sized!

The old saying goes: size matters. And while this is true of pools, it’s not in the same way that you think. In fact, one of the major issues that homeowners encounter in the construction phase is that they plan for a swimming pool that is actually far larger than they need. Unless you host regular parties with multiple people invited, it will be rare that you need a very large pool.

Most pools are used either by individuals or small families who really don’t need a lot of space. And it’s always wise to personalise the pool for your needs. For example, if you are looking for a lap pool select a size that is long but narrow to cut down on the inevitable construction costs.

4. Think of it purely as an investment

Homeowners often get hung up on the overall cost of their pool which puts them off the project entirely. But it is vital to remember that your pool is as much an investment in your home as it is an expense. Yes, a pool might cost in excess of £20,000 to install, but if it adds £25,000 to the value of your home you are not only benefitting from having a wonderful pool in your garden, but you will make back the investment when you come to sell.

5. Don’t get hung up on features

Another common mistake when planning for a pool is getting hung up on features. Creative and ambitious pool designers might look at features such as fountains and jets without really considering the cost implications. Remember that the real joy of owning a pool is the pool itself, not the additional features that you rarely use. Get the pool priced up without these optional extras, then if your budget reaches to them you can consider adding them in.


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