Nov 20

Flameless candles for Xmas

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The blurb says these are “practically indistinguishable from real flame candles” and I have to say, after being sceptical – I am a convert! I scrutinised the videos on YouTube for ages and seriously couldn’t tell the difference. So I decided to get one. And now I have one of these Luminara candles in my hand, up close, obviously I can tell the difference. But in the evening light, they are pretty amazing and will fool anyone. The advantage is, of course, that they won’t burn your house down. They run on batteries and have a gazillion hours of ‘burn time’ in them, before you have to replace the AA batteries. They’re made of real wax on the outside so have that feel of a real, pillar candle. They’re relatively new but are available from Next, other retailers and the Luminara website of course.

The ones I am testing are a 7″ wax candle (£34.95) and a 9″ wax candle (£39.95). Great Xmas presents and – if you add up all the cash you spend on real candles – they’re a terrific money saver. For the summer months (oh, such a long way off now) they have outdoor ones where the rain runs right through them via ingenious channels, and doesn’t mess up the electrics (stop me if I am getting too technical). They can be left out on patios and even stay ‘alight’ during drizzle (unlike real candles).

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