May 18

Foods for £1

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Anyone would think Lidl were paying me a retainer to plug their food (Come on Lidl, how about it?!) as I am going to mention them again this week. But they do have some great bargains, along with the rest of the world, so it seems. All the major supermarkets are advertising in the national press because they have slashed a number of items down to under £1, to help us through the Recession/to get us into their stores to spend money – you choose.

Lidl has:

500g Jersey Royals – 99p (normally £1.49)

800g Kingsmill bread – £1 (normally £1.22)

350g Lloyd Grossman pasta sauces – 80p (normally £1.63)

Asda has:

680g Birds Eye potato waffles (12) – £1

500g Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – £3

350g Herta Frankfurters (10) – £1

Sainsbury’s has:

250g strawberries – £1 (normally £1.48)

300g fresh cappalletti pasta – £1 (normally £1.49)

227g Birds Eye original burgers (4) – £1 (normally £1.49

Tesco has:

225g Doritos Tangy cheese – £1 (was £1.48)

400g Cathedral City extra mature cheddar – £3 (was £4.42)

200g blueberries – £1.99 (was £3.99)

You get the idea. I haven’t listed EVERY supermarket in the country because that would be a bit boring (for me) but there are very cheap meal-deals to be had. From Tesco alone, grate the cheddar over the Doritos and then microwave them for a high-energy, high-carb, not-terribly-healthy-or-weight-conscious but filling TV meal! You’d better have a fresh fruit salad salad (using the blueberries) for pudding – to redress the vitamin balance though.


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Hey! Good thought, but could this genuinely perform?


Hey! Good thought, but could this genuinely perform?

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