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Fool your friends for free beers next term

This article is for anyone who’s back home for the summer, slaving away at their part-time job in order to raise some beer money for their next term at university. It’s best to pack in as many working hours as you can in order to fund some of those big nights out, but with the right plan you could save even more if you head out with a few tricks up your sleeve and get yourself some free beers along the way.

Part of the fun of a student night out is learning the best games and tricks in order to impress your flatmates, and Gala Casino has helpfully provided a selection of the very best proposition bets for you to challenge your mates and profit from their failure – all part of the fun.

So if you fancy a free night out on your mates, here’s how you can win some beers.



Shots vs halves

As long as you can drink a swift half you should be onto a winner with this one. Challenge a friend that you can sink three halves before they can drink three shots – don’t worry, you won’t really have to if you follow these instructions!

Two Golden Rules for you both to follow:

  • You must finish your drink before picking up the next
  • You cannot touch each other’s glasses

Once they’ve agreed to your rules – because who couldn’t drink three shots faster than three halves, right? – start the game.

The first point is making sure you finish your first half quicker than they’ve managed two shots. Then simply place your empty glass upside down on top of their final shot. Because they can’t touch your glass, they can’t polish off that third shot – allowing you all the time in the world to finish your remaining pint, while they head off to the bar to grab your next one.

Verdict: as long as you can sink that first half in good time, you’re onto a winner here.


Win beers off your mates - trick 04_1 (1)


Win beers off your mates - trick 04_2



The tablecloth trick – with a banknote

One for the nimble-fingered among you, this challenge sounds simple enough to some until you reveal the devilish twist, and all you’ll need is a bottle and a banknote.

Place your cash note flat on a table, then ask who can get it out from underneath a bottle without the bottle falling over. Plenty of takers – but not so many tough-talkers once you’ve placed the empty bottle upside down on top of the note!

Name your stakes, then it’s time to begin. Simply roll up the banknote – SLOWLY – and the bottle will stay upright while gradually moving over the note. Then at the end, give a short, sharp pull and the note will be free of the bottle. What’s more, you won’t need to spend it as the loser grudgingly gets the drinks in.

Verdict: provided you’ve got a light touch with a banknote, someone else will be handing over theirs.







A fluid transfer

This one involves a lovely bit of science that your friends won’t believe ‘til they see it – you’ll need an empty glass, a bottle of beer and a bendy straw.

Find out who fancies their chances at beating you in a race – the challenge is to transfer what’s in the bottle into the glass, but using only a straw. It sounds like a bit of a lengthy contest, and not to mention a bit messy, but we’ve got a great solution that will win you the race – and a drink – in seconds.

Place the straw inside the bottle and bend the end so it’s directly pointing into the glass. Then, forming a seal with your lips around the neck of the bottle, just blow into the bottle. The force will send beer up the straw and out into the glass. Here’s the proof!

If all goes well, your mates won’t know about this trick and will have been using the straw to draw in and spit out beer between the two vessels – that’s the potentially messy bit of the race.

Verdict: the beers won’t be on you after this game – as long as you don’t count the potential spillage.

Being armed with these tricks should make the first few nights out a much less costly affair when you’re back at university, and with that extra cash in your bank account maybe you can afford to indulge in a few more decent meals during the week!



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