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Apr 11

Free Chocolate, Coffee, Cash and Amazon Vouchers with FreeTreats

Reading Time: 7 mins is a simple idea by a simple person. They have a big pile of crisps, chocolate, coffee and cash, and  want to give them away to their users.


How does it work?

Every day at 11:50am the system automatically and randomly selects a winner from the pool of eligible FreeTreats users for each one of the Daily Draws that is running.

Everyone who has signed up will be sent a Daily Draw Reminder email to remind them to check to see if they’ve won, so you don’t even have to remember to check.

Those winners have exactly 24 hours to check the site, submit their email address to see if they’ve won a prize and claim it. If the winner fails to check the site on the day they’ve won then the prize is lost and they’ll have to wait until their name is picked at random again in the future.

If the winner claims their prize then they’ll be sent their prize. It’s as simple as that!

You can also unsubscribe any time.

What can I win?

You can win chocolate, crisps, coffee, cash and Amazon vouchers.

Winning FreeChocolate will see a big physical prize turn up on your door step.

FreeCoffee is a £5 Starbucks e-gift card which will be emailed over to the winner after claiming, so you can spend it on whatever you like in any Starbucks.

FreeCash is even simpler – using PayPal, a bank transfer or a cheque, you will be sent your cash prize and you can spend it on whatever you’d bloody well like to spend it on!

FreeAmazon is fairly self explanatory.


And it’s really Free??

It is Free today, it’ll be Free tomorrow and will remain 100% completely Free for the entire time you’re playing. FreeTreats have adverts on their website and their Daily Draw Reminder emails that help to pay for it all. So it really is – and always will be – totally Free for you to play.

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This competition/freebie is from a third party that has no association with MoneyMagpie. We cannot be held responsible for any issues you have with this giveaway. Please read all the terms and conditions before filling in any personal details. If you have any problems please contact FreeTreats.



General Competition & Prize Terms, Conditions and Rules

  1. This competition is run by Union Jack Digital Ltd and is in no way associated with any other brands. The prize will be provided by or on behalf of Union Jack Digital Ltd. This competition is not supported or promoted by any of the featured brand manufacturers.
  2. This is a daily competition open to all UK consumers over 18 years of age, who submit valid contact details and accept the relevant Privacy Policy and these Terms & Conditions on the website No purchase necessary.
  3. By entering the competition and thus accepting these terms & conditions, you consent to receive selected marketing emails and offers from Union Jack Digital Ltd. If you have previously unsubscribed from marketing emails from Union Jack Digital Ltd, by submitting an entry to this competition you are confirming that we may resume email marketing to the supplied address. For more information on this please consult our PRIVACY POLICY .
  4. Once your details are submitted, you will remain in the Daily Prize Draws and entered in to any future new Daily Draws until you ask to be removed (via the QUIT PAGE) or the competition ceases. Each email address can only be registered once. Multiple entries from the same individual are allowed, though Union Jack Digital Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any entrant or individual that corrupts or affects the security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this competition, including an unreasonable level of multiple applications – to be decided by Union Jack Digital – made by the same entrant, without any notification or prior warning.
  5. There is no limit on the number of times an entrant can win the Daily Draws over the course of their free membership.
  6. Union Jack Digital Ltd reserves the right to pause, alter or end the competitions without any prior notice.
  7. Each Daily Draw takes place at 11:50am every day of the year. A winner is selected at random for each draw and has 24 hours in which to claim their prize(s). Once the 24 hour claim window expires, a new Daily Draw takes place, selecting new winners, and previous winners are no longer able to claim.
  8. The number of winners for each Daily Draw can change at the discretion of the operators. If the number of winners is changed, it will be made clear across our Social Media, Blog and Daily Draw Reminder Emails.
  9. Winners for each Daily Draw will be selected directly and automatically from our database of contestants. All addresses which have been submitted on the “Are You Today’s Winner” section on the relevant PLAY pages (“checked”) within a maximum of 15 days of the draw date will be eligible. Addresses which have not been “checked” within a maximum of 15 days will not be selected, but will be re-entered into future draws as soon as they are once again “checked” and will remain so for up to 15 days from the latest “check” date. (Note: The number of days required to be eligible can vary depending on the claim rates of competitions. The maximum date range is 15 days but FreeTreats reserves with right to reduce this down to 1 day if prize claim rates drop below 50%)
  10. All players are required to check the site daily to see if they have won by visiting the relevant PLAY pages and re-submitting their email address, which will also act as re-opting in. No notifications will be sent out to alert winners that they have been selected. Failure to provide valid contact details on entering the competition will result in an inability to send prizes.
  11. In the event of a winner either failing to claim their prize in time, declining or not being able to accept the prize, there will be no further draw in that game day.
  12. Each Daily Draw has its own prizes on offer. Where the prizes are of a physical nature (eg FreeCrisps, FreeChocolate), the prizes will range – depending on the draw – from one individual pack of crisps/chocolate to a multipack of a brand and/or flavour readily available within the United Kingdom. The brand supplied to winners is not guaranteed. These prizes are not transferable and no monetary alternative will be offered. This list of prizes is not exhaustive.
  13. For FreeCoffee, the prize will be an electronic gift certificate for a high street nationwide coffee retailer, of a minimum value of £5. This certificate will be emailed to the winner’s address after being claimed. These prizes are not transferable and no monetary alternative will be offered. This list of prizes is not exhaustive.
  14. For FreeCash, the prize will be either sent via PayPal or a direct Bank Transfer (where applicable). No other means of non-electronic payment will be offered. These prizes are not transferable. This list of prizes is not exhaustive.
  15. Physical prizes will generally be sent via a courier service or Royal Mail 2nd class postage to an address supplied by winning claimants. Though every effort will be made to package the prizes securely, the promoter accepts no responsibility for prizes, lost, damaged, delayed or inedible.
  16. All prizes will be dispatched within 60 days of being claimed.
  17. Entry into the draw will be deemed to constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions
  18. Entry into the draw will be deemed as permission to use any and all supplied information and online comments relating to for the purpose of promotion and advertisement on either or our associated Social Media accounts.
  19. Any queries and comments should be directed to Union Jack Digital Ltd, Cavell House, Stannard Place, St. Crispins Rd, Norwich, NR3 1YE, or emailed to
  20. All copyright and intellectual property rights remain the property of Union Jack Digital Ltd unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  21. We reserve the right to refuse the processing/payment of prize claims if the winning claim is deemed to be fraudulent. Fraudulent claims include (but are not limited to) a winning user claiming multiple times for the same prize with different contact details for the same draw, users claiming to have seen “you have won” messages when we have no automated record of them being selected to win for that day or multiple users from the same address claiming on the same day.
  22. Social Media Giveaways. These competitions run until midnight on the last day of the advertised month and are open only to UK residents aged 18+. On the morning of 1st of the following month (eg for the August competition, winners will be selected on 1st September) we will select – at random – the advertised number of winners who executed the required commands (eg liked/shared the relevant Facebook post) and name them within 24 hours via the social media platform. Liking/Sharing the post does not enter you directly into the daily draw. There will be no alternative/monetary prize available and failure to acknowledge our attempts to contact you or to provide relevant contact details by the final day of the following month (eg for the August competition, by 30th September) will be considered a willing forfeit of the prize and no further winners will be selected. These competitions are run directly by and in no way supported or endorsed by any of the featured brands/companies. All prizes will be purchased and supplied by
  23. In the event of a systems error resulting in multiple winners, we reserve the right to withdraw the competition from service until such time as we can rectify the fault. Furthermore, should multiple winners be incorrectly identified by the system, we will cap claimants to the first 3 for each Daily Draw who contact us, and no further prizes will be given for claimants beyond those 3 for that game day.
  24. Changes to our Terms, Conditions and Rules. We reserve the right to keep our privacy policy under regular review and we will place any updates on this webpage. Please check back here regularly to ensure that you are informed of any changes in our privacy policy.
  25. Signed Norwich City Shirt Competition (July 2017). New users only. To be eligible you must sign up to FreeTreats via the page – signing up from any other page will not enter you into the competition. Users may enter only once per valid email address. Users will be entered in to all FreeTreats competitions and – by signing up to – accepting all site terms & conditions, including the use of personal data supplied to FreeTreats. A winner will be selected at random from all eligible entrants on Monday 31st July at midday. Beyond that time any entries to the competition will not be valid. The winner will be announced across our social media platforms, on a News story on, in that day’s Daily Draw Reminder email and on the next TNC podcast and required to email in to accept their prize and supply full contact details. The winner will not be contacted directly by FreeTreats. In the event of the prize not being claimed within seven days, the prize will be donated to a local charity.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 4th August 2017. The following changes/edits were made:

Clarified rules on number of days eligibility for Daily Draws (Point 9). Removed option to pay FreeCash prizes out via cheque or postal order (Point 14).  Added Point 25. Amended point 21 to include details of fraudulent claims.

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