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Vicky 12th Oct 2022 3 Comments

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Free electric blanket. Octopus Energy is giving away 10,000 free electric blankets to their customers as energy prices soar. 

The firm says the free blankets will go to the company’s “most needy and vulnerable customers,” and that typical homes could shave up to £300 off their energy bill every year by opting for an electric blanket instead of heating the whole house.  

Heating an entire house costs around £4 a day, but an energy-efficient electric blanket only costs between two to four pence an hour, the company estimates. 

How can you apply for a free electric blanket?  

Octopus Energy said that as they only have 10,000 electric blankets to give away, they will prioritise those who will benefit the most, including the elderly, people with mobility issues or other medical conditions who are more impacted by the cold. 

The company does ask those who can afford to buy one for themselves to do so, as there may be someone else out there who truly can’t afford to buy one. 

You can apply by registering your interest online. You will receive an application shortly after filling in the online form. 

Are electric blankets cost-effective? 

Although electric blankets start at around £40, Octopus Energy says they’re “worth the investment” as customers could save £300 or more each year on their bills. To get the most out of your electric blanket, Octopus Energy suggests using it as a throw over your body instead of as a mattress topper, and heat the blanket to its highest setting for a few minutes before reducing it down to a medium setting for longer use. 

Position the connector of the blanket at your feet and keep it unobstructed to avoid overheating, and ensure children are not left unsupervised with the blanket, the company also suggests. 

London Fire Brigade says you should unplug the blanket before bed, unless it has a thermostat control for safe all-night use. They also say that second-hand electric blankets should be avoided, and you should check regularly for wear and tear. 

The fire service also says they should be stored flat, rolled up, or loosely folded to prevent damaging the internal wiring. Electric blankets should be avoided if you have an air flow pressure relief mattress, or use emollient creams. Don’t use the blanket if it gets wet, and never switch it on to dry it.  

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sue rushworth
sue rushworth
11 months ago

we need to do anything and everything we can to keep warm

11 months ago

Very cosy.

11 months ago

I think that it is a great way to keep the kids warm when you can’t afford to heat the house

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