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Mar 30

FREE Theatre Tickets

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Want free theatre tickets? You can get them by becoming a seat filler!

Take advantage of seat filling opportunities and discounted tickets for theatre, music, dance, opera, classical music and film by becoming a member of Central Tickets. PLUS it’s free to join too!


the benefits of free membership

free membership

Every new member gets their first year of membership free of charge and they don’t ask for your billing details.

save money

You can save hundreds of pounds every year by taking advantage of large variety of complimentary ticket offers.

bring your friends

Your friends can save hundreds of pounds every year too.

great variety

Members enjoy the opportunity to attend a good variety of different cultural events in and around London regularly.

easy to use

You’ll find it easy to navigate the website and book tickets. It’s simple to move around and easy to make bookings.

never miss out

Once you’ve joined as a member you’ll receive regular email alerts to let you know about new events so that you don’t miss out.

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This competition/freebie is from a third party that has no association with MoneyMagpie. We cannot be held responsible for any issues you have with this giveaway. If you have any problems please contact Central Seats.


About Central Tickets

Central Tickets help provide bums on seats for events in London. Event organisers trust them to supply a discreet audience – that’s where you come in!

By becoming a member of Central Tickets, you get the opportunity to attend a great selection of events including West End theatre, fringe theatre, dance productions, operas, classical concerts, pop and Jazz concerts, comedy nights, movies, sporting events, informative talks and workshops. The tickets themselves are free – the only thing you’ll pay is a small booking fee per ticket to help cover their running costs.

You benefit because you’ll be able to attend a wide variety of cultural events in London at a heavily discounted rate and the event organisers benefit by having more people in the audience – it’s a win, win for everybody.


Members of Central Tickets discreetly help to provide an audience for event organisers in London and surrounding counties.  We pride ourselves on offering our members the opportunity to attend a wide variety of cultural events on a regular basis.  Our service is most suited to those people who understand that everybody benefits when our members follow the rules, after all – when event organisers are happy, they’re more likely to list events in the future which means more opportunities for you.

Our members are given access to complimentary ticket offers by kindly agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions:

  • Our members must always direct enquiries about an event to Central Tickets staff.  Please do not contact event organisers or the venue directly under any circumstances.
  • Members agree to not forward any communications sent from Central Tickets without prior written consent under any circumstances.
  • We ask you to graciously accept any seats that you are given, without complaint.  Please do not ask for different seats than the ones you are given.
  • We ask that you be friendly and respectful towards all staff at the hosting venue.  Please remember that whilst attending you are a brand ambassador for Central Tickets.
  • On every listing and booking confirmation we provide specific instructions for ticket collection that detail the time and place members should collect from.  We ask that members take the time to read this information for each booking and follow the instructions given.
  • We ask that members understand that they must not be late for ticket collection.  Our ticket partners rely upon our members to collect their tickets at least 30 minutes prior to the event beginning so that they are free to deal with last minute sales.  If you do not pick up by this time, your tickets may be re-allocated by the box office and you may lose your seats.
  • To collect tickets, you must always present a printed copy or a screen shot (using a tablet or smart phone) of your confirmation booking and be prepared to show ID (such as a driver’s licence or credit card) should it be requested by box office staff.
  • Only the account holder can collect any tickets for an event.  Members must not allow other people to collect tickets on their behalf or in their place.
  • We ask that our members always present themselves well in a smart-casual style whilst attending events.  Please do not wear vests, shorts or flip-flops.
  • If for any reason, the venue is unable to issue you with tickets for an event that you have booked, please accept their decision graciously and contact Central Tickets staff who will liaise with the venue on your behalf.
  • We ask members to be mindful that they are responsible for their guest’s behaviour.  Member’s guests are also representatives of Central Tickets and we ask that you take care to ensure that appropriate behaviour is demonstrated at all times.
  • Members must be willing to remain for the entire event and applaud heartily and generously to help provide a good atmosphere.
  • We ask that you do not bring along young children to any events you have booked unless it is specifically described as a family show that is suitable for children.  If you want to take teenage guests, please check before booking that the show is age appropriate.
  • Only the account holder can log-in to the site and make bookings.  You must not disclose your password or allow others to use your account to log into the Central Tickets website and make bookings.
  • The named member must be in attendance for all events booked.  Passing along tickets to friends or family, or selling tickets to third parties is strictly forbidden.
  • Central Tickets does not sell tickets.  Tickets are given to us on a complimentary basis.  We in turn charge an administration fee which covers our running costs and allows us to offer you these complimentary tickets to enjoy.
  • We ask that you commit to attending any events that you book. If for any reason you cannot attend events, you must cancel your booking at least 3 hours before the event begins, so that the seats are not wasted and can be enjoyed by fellow members.  You can do this by visiting our contact us page and sending us a message.
  • If you choose to cancel tickets for an event you have booked, administration fees are non-refundable.
  • After every show, we ask venues to rate our attendees.  If a venue reports that a member or their guest(s) did not attend, or caused any problems whilst in attendance, we may choose to close that member’s account.
  • Members of Central Tickets and their guests must not discuss complimentary tickets or Central Tickets in, or around the venue.  Event organisers place their faith in our audience that they will be discreet and we ask you to help us fulfil that expectation.
  • Members and their guests must not discuss complimentary tickets on social media or any other public discussion forum under any circumstances.
  • Central Tickets membership is available for those aged 18 or above and is subject to approval.  Management reserve the right to refuse or suspend membership at any time.
  • Central Tickets reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions, fee structure and reward points scheme at any point, without notice.

At Central Tickets we believe in treating people fairly.  If, for whatever reason, a member is unable to adhere to the terms and conditions above we will investigate the situation and decide upon the appropriate action to be taken.  We will always inform members of any corrective measures that we decide upon and we promise to be fair and measured in our response.

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1 year ago

Excellent for keen theatre goers.

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