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May 10

Get free food and cheap restaurant deals

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Looking for some free food and great discounts on your favourite brands?

This is the place to find them.

We’ve got free pizza, free dog food, free snack boxes, sweets and restaurant deals that are cheap as chips.

Oh, and a whole eBook – for free – that tells you how to live for free every day.

Get them while they’re hot as some of them will run out soon!


get a free takeaway worth £12

Get free food and cheap restaurant deals

Feeling hungry?

Get a takeaway worth £12 from Hungryhouse, Pizza Hut Delivery, Papa Johns or Domino’s for FREE by joining Quidco now.

Just go to the page here and follow these steps:

  1. Join Quidco, for free
  2. Once you’re logged in, search for ‘takeaways’ and choose from Hungryhouse, Pizza Hut Delivery, Papa Johns or Domino’s
  3. Order £10+ of tasty food by the end of May to receive a £12 cashback bonus from Quidco.

This is a limited offer for May only so grab it while it’s hot!

Get your free takeaway now.


Win a dinner

Restaurant Meal

Why pay for a dinner when you can win one?

You can win a free dinner from Nando’s, Pizza Hut, Just Eat and more.

Just sign-up here for free and then check the site daily to see if dinner is on them.

Enter now for your chance to win a dinner.


Get two free boxes of delicious snacks

Get free food and cheap restaurant deals

Get your tastebuds racing with two free boxes of Graze snacks

Graze specialise in really tasty, healthy snacks that help you deal with hunger pangs but don’t put the pounds on.

With this offer, you choose what exciting snacks you get in your Graze boxes. It could be honeycomb flapjacks, Scandinavian Forest with cashews and dried cranberries, Garden of England with dried apple, mini strawberries and blackcurrants or any of the other power-filled, energy-boosting snack choices that they offer.

You get your first and fifth boxes free. The others are £3.99 each.

Sign up here.


6 packs of four Kinder Chocolates for just 99p

Kinder chocolate bars

Have you tried out Approved Foods yet? It’s a fantastic site with incredibly cheap food offers. They specialise in food that is good to eat but is either out of season or the end of a line. It’s great because we get good food at a fraction of the price.

Right now, for example, you can get six packs of four Kinder Chocolates for just 99p.

You can also get a Ferrero Rocher 3 pack for just 10p. 

These offers don’t last long, but they are replaced every day with similarly cheap and exciting new ones.

Find out all the other great offers by checking out the Approved Foods site here.


free food for your doggie!

Get two weeks free trial (with £1 delivery) of Tails dog food. 

They tailor-make food that’s right for your lovely pooch, so tell them all about your dog so that they can send food that is going to make their eyes shine and their coat thick and healthy.

Let them know all about your dog here to get the free food.



Eat half price for 3 months for just £1

Get free food and cheap restaurant deals

Are you a foodie? Do you love eating out?

Then the Gourmet Society is perfect for you.

With the Gourmet Society you get 2 for 1 meals, 50% off the whole bill or 25% off the bill in all kinds of restaurants and cafes. They have deals for cafes and restaurants in your area, wherever you are.

Join here and you get three months for just £1.


get a totally free ebook full of 101 freebies

Get free food and cheap restaurant dealsFind out 101 ways to live for free every day – including lots more ways to get free food – by downloading our FREE eBook here.

You will find out

  • how to eat for free
  • how to get free money
  • how to get free entertainment

…and much, much more.

Download it here.


…ooh, and want to find out how to make some quick money easily? Check out our article with 10 easy ways to make quick cash here.


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