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Spring Half Term Activities For Kids

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Need some half-term activities to keep the kids happy?

Here are some engaging half term activities to keep them entertained without breaking the bank.


half-term activities: Painting

Turn your little ones into Grand Masters by setting up a makeshift art-studio on your kitchen table. Often all kids need to go wild is a blank sheet of paper and some poster paint. Put a brush in their hand and let the magic happen.

If your little Rembrandt is stuck for inspiration, and barrages you with “Mummy, I don’t know what to draw!” one of the best choices is to grab the brush yourself excitedly, telling him or her “I’m going to draw a monster/ house/ fish/ cat etc.” and dab the brush around a bit. He or she will grab the brush back in no time once they see how fun it is!

Little girl painting on easel

For kids I recommend water-based paints like acrylic. The Daler Rowney Acrylic Intro Set is solvent-free, fast-drying and features bright, appealing colours.

For toddlers, the Crayola Beginnings 3 Washable Finger Paints set is a great idea – again, washable and simple, bright colours.

Alternatively, you could mix some fun, safe home-made paint by combining shaving foam with different colour food dyes.

You can also try corn-flour and water. Using 3 parts water to 1 part corn-flower, simply add the flour to boiling water, stir until thick and then add your choice of colouring.


half-term activities: Learning Fun

Use the half-term time to play fun yet educational games with your kids. Bright Minds is a good company to try.

Get your little architect to build a Junior Trademan Castle, or your future horticulturalist to plant some Giant Paper Flowers.

Little boy playing with building blocks


half-term activities: outdoor activities

Does your living room become a football stadium at half term?

As your mini Ronaldo skilfully dribbles round the dog, tussles with the TV (penalty, ref!), and finally gets a clear shot on your two vases that mark the goal – you may think it’s time for a new game-plan!

Little girl playing football on frosty grass

Get your kids out of the house and running around in the garden with huge discounts on football shirts and football boots – and with added savings on base-layers – you can ensure they’re kept warm and dry – if the weather is a little frosty. With any luck, your kids will wear themselves out after an impromptu penalty shoot-out – meaning that the couch can safely return to its former role as family seating area – rather than the away end at Old Trafford!


half-term activities: Camping and Hiking

Get your kids to experience life in the wild this half term by taking them on a camping trip they’ll never forget.

Check out the SimplyHike sale for huge savings on backpacks, mountain-wear jackets, hiking boots and other camping accessories.

Once you’ve got all you need, take your intrepid explorers out into the wilderness (or a wilderness with a toilet block and running hot and cold water!).

Family camping together

Focus on creating an air of unexpectedness and danger – stories of lions, bears, wolves and, for the mythologically-inclined, dragons and giants.

Give them fun but incredibly time-consuming projects (so you relax from the safety of the tent) such as searching for animal tracks, catching fish (get amazing savings on fishing rods and accessories at Fishtec), or building a den out of sticks.

Just be sure to watch out for the safety of your kids – don’t let them run off too far, eat anything they pick up, or stray aberrantly into the den of a flame-breathing dragon. I have come up with a short list of fun missions for kids to compete in that should keep them occupied. The one with the most points is the winner!

Children playing in the woods


  • Spot the funniest animal and draw or take a picture of it (10 points)
  • Discover animal tracks and find out where the animal lives (10 points)
  • Be the winner in a game of hide-and-seek (50 points)
  • All sit in a circle and tell the best ghost story (100 points)
  • Using sticks, leaves and anything you find, make a charm to scare ghosts away from your tent (250)
  • See who can find the biggest stick (500 points)
  • Build a house of sticks, leaves or anything you find (1000 points)
  • Make a fishing rod and try to catch a fish with it (5000 points)
  • Find the den of a dragon and get out alive! (10,000 points)

It goes without saying that health and safety should be monitored and that any task thought in some way inappropriate by the parent should not be attempted.


half-term activities: Cooking Pancakes

Pancake Day is in February and with the kids off school you’ll likely be making pancakes breakfast, lunch and dinner!

See this article for lots of fun ways to do Pancake Day for free.

Mother and daughter making pancakes together

Grab a frying pan, mixing bowl, spatula and pancake batter and go for it.

We have a basic pancake recipe here plus topping ideas and a review of a pancake mix here.

For the impatient, here are the ingredients again…

Quick pancake recipe:

  • 125g plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml milk + 75ml water
  • 50g butter for frying

Counteract the kids’ demands for insane quantities of pancakes by getting them to help out in cooking them!


Find out the history of Shrove Tuesday and where the pancake races are near you here 


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