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Home maintenance tasks every property owner should consider

When you’re trying to cut costs and save more money each year, one of the things you might like to keep a tight budget on is your property expenses. However, it’s important to note that your home needs to be maintained if you don’t want to end up forking out a whole lot more money eventually on things like leaking roofs, broken HVAC systems, pest damage, and more. You must spend time and money on looking after your property, so that costs don’t escalate. Read on for some home maintenance tasks you should be thinking about over the coming months.


Create a Maintenance Plan

To start with, it helps to create a maintenance plan you can follow throughout the year to stay on schedule and ensure no jobs get left for too long. Prevention is better than cure, so keeping up on maintenance jobs will save you money over time because it will mean you catch small problems before they turn into big, costly ones.

There are generally jobs that need to be done monthly, quarterly, and annually, so plan for these accordingly. Also, it helps to document the condition of things over time, through photos and/or videos. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on the wear and tear that’s occurring, and sooner notice when a part of the property really needs a service or repair.


Clean the Roof and Gutters

One of the most important maintenance jobs which needs to be done at least annually is cleaning out your roof and gutters. While this isn’t a job many people see as fun, it’s necessary if you want to ensure you don’t have to spend more time and energy on, or pay for a professional to work on, water damage cleanup in the future.

For the gutters, it pays to use a rake and leaf blower to clear out all the leaves that will have built up over previous months. Removing this and other debris will help stop ice dams and icicles from forming and eventually melting and pooling up, and then causing rust and holes. If you find your gutters get full way too quickly, consider installing micromesh guards with fine mesh to stop leaves, pine needles, and shingle grit from accumulating. Hinged gutter guards which can be lifted out of the way when it’s time to clean are also a good option.

Regarding your roof, keep in mind that this can wear down over time, so you need to inspect it every year for signs of damage. Abrasive weather can cause tiles and shingles to break, and exposed areas can open up which lead to holes and leaks. It is a good idea to organize a roofing professional to come and check your roof and make repairs as required, as they’re experienced in this area.


Check for Pests

Another important maintenance task is checking for pests, particularly termites. Do some research and you’re sure to find multiple businesses in your area which can be hired to conduct inspections of your home for these creatures. Professionals will ensure pests aren’t causing damage to the structure, or internal walls of your house, amongst other things. Remember: nests can form and grow quickly without you realizing, so don’t leave this job for too long.

While there are some visible signs your house could be under attack, such as thin mud tubes on walls or cracks and bubbles in paint, by the time you see this kind of damage it’s likely the pests will have caused significant issues. As such, utilize professional services to search under your house, in surrounding areas and in your roof to pick up on infestations as soon as possible. Inspectors can also typically take steps to rid your property of pests, and/or give you suggestions about how to better protect your home in the future.


Maintain the HVAC

Maintaining your heating and cooling system(s) should also be a priority. These products can be very expensive to repair if major issues are found, so it’s always better to have a yearly or bi-annual inspection done to keep them in top working order, rather than making this a “set and forget” thing.

In particular, clean and replace the HVAC filters. This is best done in fall, before winter hits, or in spring, before summer arrives. This is because systems are used more in the cold and hot months of year, and won’t run as efficiently if the filters haven’t been cleaned.

In addition, if you notice cold spots in parts of your home, or hear weird noises coming from the vents, this indicates you could have a problem with the ventilation, and need to have a professional look at it soon. It is also wise to inspect the condensation hose on your air conditioner to be sure water can flow freely from the line at all times.

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