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Home security on a budget

Keeping your home and family safe is a top concern for every person. However, the cost of home security can be a little too much for a family on a budget. Does this mean you have forego security? Not at all. There are plenty of options for affordable home security for those budget-conscious folks. Here’s a look at the elements you can use to put together your own security system, along with some advice on making it more affordable.

Wireless System

If you are looking for an affordable and DIY system, then you will want to focus on wireless technology. This will allow you to pick and choose which elements you will use. It will also allow you to add on later if you want. Plus, you can take the system with you if you move, and it is ideal for renters.

A wireless system usually requires a control panel or an app that is downloaded to your smartphone. This allows you to control the system and each of its elements. You do not have to hardwire any part of the system. Most elements will be plug and play type devices that hook automatically to the overall system, making set up fairly simple.


Security System Elements

Now that you know to go with a wireless system, you need to understand each element you can use within your system. What elements you choose will be based on your home’s size and your specific needs. For example, if you live in a small home where access points are rather close together, you can get away with fewer elements than a larger home where access points are spread out.

One of the first elements you will want to consider is a camera. The camera can track people inside or outside your home depending on where you put it. You can get multiple cameras, but do be aware they are usually the most expensive element. Choose them carefully. If you are using other elements in a room, then you likely do not also need a camera in there. This will save you money.

Door and window sensors are other elements to consider. These help to monitor the opening and closing of your doors and windows. They cannot monitor a window that is open, though. For example, if you open the window to let in fresh air, the sensor will need to be turned off. If someone were to try to get into that window, you would not know because the sensor is off.

Glass break sensors can be put on windows to alert you to break in. These are nice because the window sensor only monitors open and closed. If a burglar is breaking the window to get in, you might not be alerted without a glass break sensor.

Motion sensors can be quite handy because they let you know if there is movement in your home. They are not fail-proof, though. They can be tricky to set if you have pets. However, they do often cover a large space, so you could use them to cover a whole room instead of buying other sensors.



As you choose which devices to use, make sure they are compatible. You do not want to have to have several different monitoring apps to run one system. They should all communicate to give you the best overall security.


Saving Money

While you can buy the different elements to create a security system, it will add up. You could easily go over your budget. This is why you should try some DIY options, too. Start with homemade devices to secure windows and sliding doors. You can easily put a rod in both to prevent them from being opened or put a screw in your window frame that only allows it to be opened a small amount. Then you can skip the sensors and put that money towards other elements.

You can also use “dummy” items, such as a fake security camera, to deter criminals. Typically, giving the illusion your home is secured will be enough to make someone think twice about breaking in. They are more likely to go after an unprotected home.


Also, consider getting a dog. Many would-be burglars will walk away when they hear the deep bark of a dog. They don’t want to risk the danger of tangling with a protective canine.

Putting together an affordable home security system is not too tough. You may be led to believe you need all this high tech and expensive stuff, but you can actually easily put together a system that won’t break the bank.

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