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Sep 11

How To Do An End Of Tenancy Clean

Reading Time: 2 mins

When you move out of a property it needs to be left in a clean state. Depending on your tenancy agreement, you may be required to perform what’s known as an end of tenancy clean. This involves a thorough top to bottom clean of the property removing all the dirt, grease and grime that has accumulated during your stay.

Even if an end of tenancy clean is not formally in your contract, it will make both the moving out and deposit return process a lot smoother. You can either choose to carry out an end of tenancy clean yourself or hire a professional cleaners near you to take care of it for you. If you are unsure about what the process involves, here is everything you need to know.


Deep Cleaning

An end of tenancy clean aims to leave the property as you found it so that it’s ready for the next tenants to move in. A deep clean is necessary for this, and will tackle areas such as the carpets, upholstery, kitchen appliances and the bathroom. All surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, especially in the kitchen and bathroom which tend to harbour the most germs and bacteria.

It pays to have a professional take care of this for you, as they will have the right tools and know-how for the job. When it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning, it’s an essential step, especially if these areas are particularly stained or if you’re a smoker. After all, the property doesn’t just need to look clean but it must smell that way too. Be sure to open all the windows as you deep clean to remove any lingering odours.


General Cleaning

Once all the heavy work has been completed, it’s time to look at what’s left. For example, removing cobwebs, mopping laminate floors, wiping down doors, mirrors and windows. If the property is furnished you’ll need to move the furniture to ensure no areas of dirt remain underneath. Be mindful to avoid products or tools that are too abrasive as this could threaten your deposit.

A general clean should also include a thorough vacuum of the property. This includes all floors, skirting boards, ceiling coving and any other areas that have accumulated dust. If you are doing the work yourself then the vacuum will also need to be emptied before you leave.


Finishing Touches

Areas such as door handles, light switches, skirting boards and window sills also need to be cleaned. This needs to be done with a cleaning agent that will remove the dirt without corroding the surface. Ensure all personal possessions or remaining rubbish is removed. Then do a final sweep of the property and check everything is pristine.


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