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Sep 14

How to do Video Editing on a Budget?

Reading Time: 4 mins

Today you will very rarely see monopoly in any business. Organizations are trying their level best to keep themselves above their competitors. Every new business need marketing for the faster reach, and currently, there is nothing better than Videos for effective marketing. In modern times a good video has the potential to bring the businesses hundreds or even thousands of customers. According to the CISCO, by 2022, videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic. Naturally, every business wants to target this aspect.

With such a growth in viewership, the demand for video making has also grown. Getting videos from video-making companies is quite expensive. A simple animated explainer video can cost you up to $500 for just a couple of minutes.

It is understandable that not every organization or individual has such a considerable amount to invest in video making. Worry not, in this guide, we would discuss some ways through which Video Editing can be done in a low budget.


Get an Effective and Affordable Editor

For editing the video, you will need an allrounder video editor that is not only effective but also budget-friendly. When you search for the best budget video editing software on the internet, you will find ample options. It would further confuse you on which editor to choose, especially if you are a novice.

Well, you don’t have to research much on this. The software with all the basic and advanced video editing features, which is user-friendly and fits your budget, is the one you should go for. One such fantastic video editor is Movavi, which is pocket-friendly and perfectly fit for both beginners and experienced ones.


Make the most use of the Available Resources

For creating the low-budget video, you have to make the full use of the resources that are already available to you. For shooting the video, you can use your smartphone. If you carry the modern smartphone with you, then you have a potential high-quality video making camera. Learn all the features of your phone’s camera and shoot some sample videos. If you are shooting a live explainer video, make your room the studio, choose a preferable background, and experiment on it before finalizing. You can use your laptop for editing purposes. There are no special requirements to run a video editing software, and even a low-end computer system can be used.


Use Microsoft PowerPoint as a Video Maker

If you don’t have a budget to purchase a video editor, you can still create an impactful explainer video. For that, you only need the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation tool, which is mostly present on every Windows computer. If you know how to make a PowerPoint presentation, you can easily create a video from it. Here is how:

  1. Create some great slides by showing your creativity. Explain everything using pictures.
    How to do Video Editing on a Budget?
  2. You can also add videos and audios in the presentation.
    How to do Video Editing on a Budget?
  3. Finally, after you are finished preparing the PPT, you can export the output as the video.
    How to do Video Editing on a Budget?

Although there will be limitations while editing videos using PowerPoint, you can still make the most use of the option available on it and create a fantastic informative video.


Use Free Stock Media and Animation Tool

For creating the animated videos, you will require the stock images, videos, and audios. There are various sites that provide the stock media at free or very minimal cost. By using an online tool such as Animatron Studio, you can create well designed animated videos that would not be as good as made by the professional animator but will be polished enough for the starting. You have to keep one thing in mind that animation tools can be tricky to use for the first-timer. However, with time, you would get used to it.


Don’t Go for Actors

If you plan to make an explainer video that would explain your product or service, you might require a person for the demonstration purpose. In such a case, it is better to shoot video with one of your team members. Though professional actors and presenters are the best in their works and would make your video a better presentable, still when the organization member themselves would explain the product or service, it would give the video a more personal touch. It would also create an image of the company that how dedicated its employees are. Further, a video with the organization’s actual workers explaining the product or service would be more authentic and natural. And lastly, it would save you a lot of funds because hiring a professional actor for the explainer video can be pretty expensive.


Bottom Line

Videos are a great marketing tool if used wisely and effectively. With the enhancement in the internet speed and optimization in buffering, videos are in reach of everybody. Using the tips provided in this guide, you can effortlessly start the video campaigns to brand your product or service. Create more and more trial videos and keep on experimenting by taking maximum advantage of your limited resources.


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