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How to get cheap food

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As you know, I’m very concerned about the price of food. It’s a basic need and we have to get cleverer about finding good food at reasonable prices.

Here are a few pointers to help. Do let me know of any other tips you have – just use the comments at the bottom.

Online bargains

Pick up store cupboard favourites at half or a third of listed prices at Food Bargains. MoneyMagpie_Online-Shopping-Laptop (2)They will deliver anywhere in the UK and for free with a £50 spend. The site specialises in full date, clearance, short dated and out of date food & drink (fine for so many items that are labeled with company safeguard sell by dates that are way before they could perish and are misleading). All the best before dates are clearly displayed, so you can decide before you buy.They offer a full money back guarantee.

Approved Food offers similar bargains with free delivery with a £30 spend if your basket weighs under 50kg. I’ve used this one and picked up 500g bags of Tilda rice at £1.39, 500g bags of pasta for 69p and ten Cadbury’s cream eggs for £1!


Your local supermarket

I’m a fan of the well-priced luxury foods at Aldi and the range of good tinned basics at Lidl. But also, if you have an Asda near you remember they offer a price guarantee to be 10% cheaper than anywhere else and will pay you back the difference if you show them otherwise. You can compare prices online with your receipt when you get home too at Asda Price Guarantee or food

Always check your receipts: at Tesco if an item is rung up at a different amount to the price shown on the aisle you are eligible for double the amount of overcharge back.

Stop buying more than you can eat and sticking to supermarket own brands will make a big difference to your bill.


Specialist shops

cheap food


Spices and world cuisine sauces are always cheaper in specialist retailers. For example, soy sauce from an Asian supermarket costs half the price of the bottle on offer at your usual supermarket for four times the amount! Check the frozen section in Asian outlets too for low prices for special treats like prawns – and they’re of a superior quality too.




Eat seasonably

cheap foodRemember fruit and veg are always cheaper in season and usually taste better too. It’s not so easy to know the difference now everything is available to us all year round but you can find out at Eat Seasonably if you’re not sure. Of course market stall fruit is usually seasonal, always delicious and much cheaper than supermarket prices. Once you get to know your local market traders you can guarantee you’ll never be sold anything that’s not perfectly ripe.


cheap foodReap the benefits from our bountiful land, with plenty of edible foods in the wild free-for-the-taking. A healthy way to boost your diet with healing herbs, flowers and  plants. Autumn is good for mushrooms – but safety first, as you must be able to identify what you’re picking! Take Thomas Laessoe’s handy guide with you.  Nettles make great soup, quiche and teas. Berries are always acceptable an lots of wild leaves can be used in salads.

Find out more foraging ideas in our Food for Free article. 

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Lynette Kelway James
Lynette Kelway James

This is what we as a family have always practised. Very rarely pay full price for anything, preferring to buy whatever reduced items are on offer and we haven’t been poisoned yet!! So much good sense talked here, as always, by Jasmine.


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