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How to get the best deals outside of Black Friday

Black Friday can be a great time to pick up bargains…so long as you follow our rules and don’t go crazy in the sales!

In fact, one of the best ways you can get extra savings in the Black Friday sales is to use voucher codes to get extra money off as you shop.

Of course, you can also save through the year by using voucher codes to get a percentage off your purchases online. Get into using vouchers all through the year and you will make great savings outside of sales and during them!


you don’t need the sales to get great bargains

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As you can see in our article here, we’re big fans of vouchers and discount codes at MoneyMagpie.

There’s really no downside so long as you only use them when buying things that you were going to buy anyway. Obviously it’s not a good idea to buy things just because there’s a voucher code with money off. That’s like going to the sales “just to see what’s there”.

One great way to use voucher codes is to go and have a look on a voucher code site to see if there is a discount code when you get to the checkout of the site where you’re buying something.

Just open a new browser, Go to a voucher code site like and see what discounts they have for the site you’re buying from.


The top 10 biggest voucher deals for black friday

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Black Friday is the biggest online shopping day of the year with billions of pounds and dollars spent on that day and over the weekend into Cyber Monday.

Some retailers, like Amazon and Tesco, have special discounts for two weeks, making it a really bumper time for them!

Last year over £1 billion was spent online on Black Friday alone. Around 500,000  browsed deals on Argos’s website, while half a million logged-on to Currys PC World’s.

Barclaycard reported a total splurge of £2.9 billion, including non-Black Friday purchases, throughout the day.

Over the whole weekend (including Cyber Monday) over £4 billion was spent online and in the shops.

Not all retailers are taking part in Black Friday but of those that are, some of the best deals are likely to come from these big retailers:

  • John Lewis
  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Expedia
  • M&S
  • Currys/PC world
  • Debenhams
  • Tesco Direct
  • ASOS
  • New Look

Be careful how you spend on Black Friday though. It’s FAR too easy to lose money in the sales if you don’t think about it beforehand.

Check out our video here with top tips for making the most of the Black Friday season:

Get Savvy with Savings

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Voucher sites like MyVoucherCodes are a great way to find cool deals through the year.

But, as we have shown in this article, there are some techniques for getting the most out of your vouchers. For example, you need to:

  • Research the best code for the job – very often retailers have different codes for different products or services.
  • Be aware of the expiry dates – good voucher sites will only have discount codes that are still available but you might see one online that looks good but expired yesterday!
  • Check if the offer is online only – some work in both high street shops and online so if you’re hitting the high street for Black Friday make sure you have the right codes
  • Check any exclusions – no point going into a shop if the code doesn’t work in your area, for the thing you want to buy or for that particular day.
  • Compare vouchers for the same product (i.e. check vouchers from different companies for the same product)


other ways to save when a sale isn’t on

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We have hundreds of ways you can save on your shopping. Take a look at the articles in our ‘Save Money Shopping’ section for tips and bargains.

.Here are just a few of our tips on how to save money on shopping even when a sale isn’t on:


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