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Cheap Jumpers for Christmas Jumper Day

stylish this winterThis year, Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day is taking place on Friday 16th December where people across the UK will join the woolly revolution to help ‘make the world better with a sweater’.

It’s really easy to take part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day – all you have to do is sign up at, get family, friends and colleagues involved, make, borrow or buy a festive sweater, wear it on Friday 16th December and donate!

Warm and stylish!

So here’s MoneyMagpie’s top 5 festive pick of Christmas jumpers available to buy now so you can help people and be warm and stylish this winter.

Banana Moon – Christmas Pudding jumper £9

stylish this winterThe style of this jumper is very simple with a Christmas pudding theme running around the top collar. In terms of price you’re getting what you pay for really – the quality is ok for indoors but not that warm to keep out the harsh winter chill.

However, the value for money is very good as it’s only £9 which is a lot cheaper than most other Christmas jumpers on the high-street.  For £9.00 we think this jumper is good for those who want to get into the Christmas spirit but don’t want to over do it or over spend.

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ASDA – Blue Reindeer Jumper £12

3D Reindeer Jumper £12 (2) stylish this winterWe love this jumper from ASDA which is only £12. The quality isn’t amazing but Christmas jumpers are made for the novelty factor and this has all the novelty you’ll be looking for this festive season. Cute reindeer design, moveable tail at the back of the jumper and it even plays a festive tune if you press the reindeer’s nose – as far as Christmas jumpers go this one is a winner.

This jumper(along with many others in the range) is available in store and online at  George at Asda is the official retail partner for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and the partnership is aiming to raise over £750,000. So if you’re feeling charitable this festive season we really recommend this jumper for you.

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Banana Moon – Blue and red Nordic jumper £13.50

This blue and red Nordic jumper is a one of the more tasteful Christmas jumpers available online and we think it’s great. Not only does it keep you looking stylish but it’s also warm and cosy – it’s a win win situation really. Costing only £13.50 we think this is ideal  for those who want to stay stylish, cosy and warm and also invest in a jumper they can wear all winter and not just in the run up to Christmas.

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Blue Inc – Black Sequined Reindeer £19.99

stylish this winterThe festive season isn’t complete without a few sequins so this jumper is just the thing for those who like a little glitter and sparkle in their wardrobe.

This knitted black Sequined Reindeer jumper from Blue Inc is a cute addition to your seasonal wardrobe and it’s only £19.99 which is not bad considering you get free delivery too. Blue Inc has a whole range of Christmas jumpers and t-shirts so make sure you click the link below to check out what else they have to offer.

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The Kopparberg by Leutton Postle £150

stylish this winter‘The Kopparberg’ by Leutton Postle, inspired by Spiced Apple cider is a designer Christmas jumper coming in at an eye-watering £150. The bold geometric shapes are appealing to the eye and the unusual design is very unique – so you’re probably not going to have an embarrassing clash of wearing the same jumper as your office colleagues or friends.

Although we’re not too keen on the price, this jumper is definitely going to keep out the winter chill all year round and of course keep you looking stylish. Leutton Postles’s collection usually goes for £300+ so The Kopparberg at £150 can actually be considered a bargain.

If you’re willing to splash out this month we think this is the perfect Christmas jumper for those looking to get into the festive spirit but want to avoid the novelty factor of Christmas all together.

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10 thoughts on Cheap Jumpers for Christmas Jumper Day

  1. My favrit thing about Christmas is opening all my presents from my boyfriend Terry on Christmas morning. Can’t wait!!

  2. Possibly not just this time of year, but having seen an item on a daytime tv programme refering to a woman with children who was in financial dire straits the generosity of people. The following day viewers had phoned in with plenty of donations. On that note I would suggest the prize of a Kopparberg jumper should be donated to Jasmine’s Hackney Xmas day project involvement.

  3. My favourite thing about Christmas is catching up with friends and family that I haven’t had time to see all year! Nice time to relax and have fun.


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