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How to save money on contact lenses

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Buying contact lenses is a monthly cost that adds up over time. For those who have sight problems, it’s no small expense. Due to myths surrounding contact lenses, many people are under the impression that you can only purchase contact lenses directly from your optician. This is not true and Feel Good Contacts are here to rid you of any uncertainties and save money on your contact lenses. Feel Good is one of the UK’s largest online retailers of contact lenses and designer sunglasses and offers the best prices on the market for eyecare products.

Time to separate the myths from reality.

Myth: it is cheaper to buy lenses directly from your optician.

Reality: It is significantly cheaper to buy your contact lenses online.

You can save up to 50% purchasing your contact lenses from an online retailer in comparison to buying them directly from your optician. offers the most competitive prices on the market.

Take advantage of our first-time customer offer and use the code MONEYMAG10 to receive 10% off of your first order. Students can also receive 5% off of all reoccurring orders, allowing you to save while you study. You can also earn rewards points each time you place an order and additional points when you refer a friend.

As well as contact lenses, Feel Good also stocks eye care products such as eye drops, solutions, eye masks and supplements for cheaper prices too. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you will never find your eyecare products cheaper anywhere else.

Contact lens and case

Myth: you can’t legally buy lenses online.

Reality: As long as you have a valid contact lens prescription, you can buy your lenses anywhere you want.

Please note that obtaining prescriptions for both contact lenses and glasses require you to undergo two separate eye tests. Do not try and guess, or use a glasses prescription as a marker for a contact lens prescription.

Once you’ve had your contact lenses fitted, you have the right to ask for your prescription and your optician is legally obligated to hand it over. They may attempt to sell you lenses directly after your test, however you can politely ask for your prescription, and do not have to order your lenses then and there.

You also do not have to show an online retailer your contact lens prescription, although we thoroughly recommend that you know exactly what your prescription is before doing so.

When you’re ready to buy your lenses online, it can seem overwhelming at first with all the options available. If you are struggling to choose, it helps to use your blister pack or lens box given to you by your optician when you were fitted as a reference to find your lenses on our website.

Woman putting in contact lenses

Myth: it is more convenient to buy lenses directly from your optician.

Reality: it can take up to a week for your contact lenses to arrive if you buy directly from your optician, as they must be ordered into the optician’s branch. Feel Good stocks an incredible range of lenses and offer next day delivery for all orders placed before 7:15pm.

So ideally, you could have your eye test, receive your prescription from your optician, order your lenses online the very same day and receive your lenses 24 hours later!

Man trying contact lenses at the opticians

Myth: it is dangerous to buy contact lenses online.

Reality: as long as you buy from a trusted retailer, it’s perfectly safe for you to purchase prescription lenses online.

Feel Good Contacts was founded by qualified and caring opticians with the aim of making contact lenses much more affordable. With over a decade in the market, you can rest assured that you are buying your lenses from a trusted site. Feel Goods stocks all major brands including Acuvue, Bausch and Lomb, Freshlook and Air Optix.

Contact lens on finger

Myth: your prescription is too complicated for lenses.

Reality: there are a wide variety of lenses available for different types of errors.

Some people are made to believe that their prescription is too complicated to buy lenses from anywhere else other their optician. You may be told that they have to be specifically made and ordered in directly through your optician.

While this may be true is some unique cases, in general, improvements in technology and lens cutting techniques means that lenses can be made to correct most common eye problems including myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness). Those who have astigmatism can order toric lenses and multifocal lenses are available for those who have presbyopia and need a progressive style of lens.

Woman applying contact lenses

Myth: You can only wear one specific brand of lens

Reality: You can wear any brand of lenses, as long as the lenses are in accordance to your eye specifications.

Opticians may prescribe lenses that are preferred by them or they may sell you their own branded product, which may come across as being exclusive!  The truth about optician’s own brand lenses is that they are the same or equivalent to most of the popular brands currently available on the market. You can find a comprehensive high street brand comparison chart here.

Feel Good exclusively stocks its own branded contact lenses comfi lenses, which offers the best value for your money without compromising on quality.


Never spend more than you have to on your contact lenses again.


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