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How to use marble in the kitchen without blowing the budget

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According to House Beautiful, everybody has been going marble mad on Pinterest, and it’s not hard to see why. Who doesn’t love a bit of marble? Effortlessly elegant and gorgeously unique, we think marble reigns supreme when it comes to home interiors, and nowhere more so than in the kitchen.

Marble is an incredibly beautiful choice for the kitchen, and many high-end kitchen designers incorporate marble into their bespoke kitchen designs. But, marble is expensive and it’s not without its faults when it comes to maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s stylish, on trend and an absolute must if you are looking for a kitchen material with unique character and charm.

Marble kitchen worktops can be problematic if they’re not sealed properly and to kit your whole kitchen out with marble will add considerably to your kitchen remodel spend. If you would love a bit of marble in your kitchen, but don’t want to break the budget, there are plenty of sneaky ways to show off this wonderful natural stone.

Here’s how.


The marble splashback

Marble top

A marble splash back is the perfect compromise between wanting marble in the kitchen but having concerns over durability and budget. Incorporating a statement slab of marble into your kitchen design is easy with a marble splashback. Run a length of marble along the whole of your countertop wall or a smaller section to keep costs within budget.

Marble is wonderfully versatile in that it works for both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles.


The marble table top

Marble table top

With the trend still on to make kitchens into living spaces, adding a marble-topped table into your kitchen space is the perfect way to get this material on show in the heart of your home. Heal’s Blake Dining Table features smartly tapered dark oak legs and a beautiful marble top. This is a table to truly die for. For a more traditional look, the Cooks Oak Table by Heal’s with Marble Top is equally stunning.


The marble open shelf

Open shelving isn’t for everyone, but it can make a beautiful feature in the kitchen if dressed carefully. Filling a marble shelf with clutter misses the point. Wall-mounted marble shelves are a relatively cheap way to get your marble fix and will definitely add style to your kitchen design.


Mix and match countertops

Marble countertop

Have you thought about using marble on just one of your countertops? Pairing different kitchen worktop materials can be stylishly done. If you dream of a marble countertop, you can still have it in a small area as a focal point. It is also a good way of ensuring your marble worktop is placed in the most appropriate part of your kitchen for functionality (it makes a great pastry rolling surface).


The marble countertop hack

Let us first say, do not attempt this unless you are an avid DIY-er. This is the cheats way to achieve marble countertops. It’s never going to quite compare to a pure marble countertop, but the marble countertop hack is an option if you long for marble kitchen worktops, but don’t have the budget.


The marble sink

Marble sinks are extraordinarily beautiful and can make a real feature in kitchen design. But, they are expensive, can’t be cleaned with abrasive cleaners and will need regular re-sealing. Marble also stains easily, so if you cook a lot, have a busy family kitchen or often leave a lot of dishes in the sink, the marble sink isn’t for you.


Marble island edges

Marble edges

Making a feature of the end of an island in the kitchen is a great way to keep marble costs down. Using a single slab on the end of an island adds interesting contrast to all-white or all-black kitchen cabinetry.


Marble accessories

If you really don’t have the budget for marble in your kitchen remodel, you can still add a sprinkle of this elegant classic with marble accessories. This simple marble shelf by Cox and Cox held up by stylish and slender brass brackets is perfect for showing off your prize kitchen pieces.

There is of course the obligatory marble chopping board, but there are also many other accessories in marble designs to bring a touch of class to your kitchen, from coasters and tea canisters to marble-effect dinner sets and mugs. We love this marble and copper bar tools set by Oliver Bonas. Just perfect for cocktail hour.


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