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Is your partner hiding their finances from you?

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It’s Valentine’s Day – a day of love and spoiling your partner, but just how much do you really know about them?

Do you know how much your partner has silted away or even how much they earn?

If you don’t, that’s not uncommon. In a recent survey, nearly two thirds of people admitted to hiding their finances from their partner!

Lying in the name of love?

All is not harmonious in UK relationships when it comes to finances it seems.

Over 90% of people said they and their partner had separate bank accounts and only just over half shared a joint account.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed said they weren’t honest with their partner about how much they earned each month, with the vast majority saying they earn less than they really do!hiding their finances

The main reason given was that as long as the bills got paid, their partners didn’t need to know how much they were earning.

Two thirds confessed they hid money from their partner – largely for rainy day savings and emergencies – but one in ten admitted hiding money in case the relationship broke down!

Nick Swan, founder and CEO of VoucherCodesPro – the conductor of the survey, said:  “It’s worrying that so many Britons feel the need to lie to their partners about how much they earn, never mind feeling the need to hide money from their partner.

“What’s even more concerning is that 1 in 10 hide money in case their relationship breaks down. If they were confident in their relationship, they shouldn’t feel the need to hide money for this reason. Relationships are based on trust and honesty – if your partner found out you’re hiding money from them, it’s not going to look good and they’ll soon start to doubt everything about the relationship.”

Remember, saving is great – you just shouldn’t have to hide it from your partner!

Are you and your partner open about your finances? Maybe you think it’s best to keep it private? Let us know in the comments below.


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