Jun 21

Job Scam Alert – I’ve been offered a job again…not!

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Ooh, lucky me. I’ve been offered a job again – via email. AND…the email has come from me…eh? Yes, apparently I have sent myself an email offering myself a job.If this doesn’t tell you that this is a job scam I don’t know what will! I have been sending myself emails for a few years it seems, offering myself Viagra, Ciallis (what is that anyway?) and hot dates with Russian girls.

Now, it seems I’m offering myself work with children. Here’s my email:

“Great opportunity for energetic and enthusiastic individuals ready to move ahead in a great career!

World Wide Youth Exchange is currently seeking Exchange Co-ordinators nationwide to place and supervise foreign exchange students for summer programs, as well as semester and academic year.

A good knowledge of how schools and the education system work

Excellent interpersonal skills in order to communicate with a range of different people

Good organisation and report writing skills

Good computer skills and MS Office knowledge

Internet access (at home or at work)

Minimum age requirement: 21 years

No criminal background

Great compensation ($15.50/hour), immediate start and your own working environment

Please send your resume to:[email protected]” (another email had the address of [email protected] – there will be others too).

I do loathe these people. This is the kind of criminal cruelty that really traps the unwary.

If you get an email like this from anyone, simply delete it and tell your friends it’s a scam. Sending them your resume is like sending them a cheat-sheet of all your personal information that they can then use to steal your identity. Responding will also put you on their ‘sucker list’ so you will be sent all kinds of other lies and deceits to get your money off you.

This is a classic job scam, just delete!


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