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Keep yourself entertained without spending a fortune

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Being able to keep yourself entertained without spending a fortune would be the ideal for pretty much everyone.

I’ve always had such an admiration for people who have a great balance between their personal and professional life, and still make time for their hobbies and interests. I like to think I’m one of them (I think we all do), but it’s often hard to find a healthy mix of workaholic and easy-going.

Having just graduated from university, I just started working the standard 40 hours a week. The routine is a welcome change. I like having a general idea of when I will be free. I like the structure. And it provides the support I need to live independently.

I’m a reporter, so my job is the definition of spontaneous. There’s nothing boring or dull about it. But regardless of what sort of job you have, I think it’s still important to make room for a little break in your weekly routine.

I’m a fan of musicals and plays, going to the cinema, dining out, having a couple drinks at a cocktail lounge. But that’s now always affordable.

How do you keep yourself entertained during the week nights without breaking the bank?

I’m still figuring it out. But here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Plenty of bars have weekly specials. I live on the main strip of a small city, and there’s a wonderful cocktail lounge across the street from my apartment. keep yourself entertainedThey have special discounts for every day of the week – $5 Martini Tuesdays, 10 percent off a bottle of wine on “Wine Wednesdsay.” There are still ways to go out and have fun without spending a fortune.
  • A night in with a new film or TV series is a great way to relax and not wear yourself out too much when you have to get up for work the next morning. Rentals are a thing of the past, but most people seem to have Netflix or On Demand now.
  • Instead of eating out, I love discovering new recipes and cooking something different each evening. I try to leave eating out for the weekends – or after pay day!keep yourself entertained
  • Going to the gym may be exhausting, but it’s a great way to spend an evening. It makes you healthier and stronger, and working out helps you get a better night’s sleep so you’re well-rested.
  • Spending an evening reading is not something a lot of us do anymore – even if we love books. There just isn’t a lot of time. However, when I do find the time, it’s incredibly rewarding to just take a couple hours and read through a novel. If your friends are into reading, you could even start a book club that meets on a weekday.

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